Negative Then Positive Result

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pumpkin17 - May 27

i took a pregnancy test a few weeks ago and it said negative after the 2 min. that it said to wait. so then i put it in my purse to hide it. when i got home later that day i took it out and noticed a faint positive line. so then i went out and got an EPT pregnancy test and used my first urination of the day on it the next day, i also waited 2 min like it said and it was negative so i did the same thing. well then i looked at it again almost a week later and it says positive. i dont know if it changed because i moved it or what. does anyone have any help for me?? am i pregnant or not??


E586467 - May 27

Any positives after the recommended time (usually 5-10mins) are considered invalid. Some tests will get evap lines & can even turn positive hours after taking the test, but any positives after the aloted time do not count as true positives. Going by the 2 negatives I would say you are not preg, however if you are late for your period wait a couple of days & test again using first morning urine & only go by the results given within 10mins.


Teddyfinch - May 28

hey E5864279541321586 how've you been doing?? you're the one from australia right? lol i can't remember these things lately.


E586467 - May 28

Hey Teddyfinch yeh that's me. I'm doing ok although I can hardly wait til this morning sickness goes away. I'm almost 8wks, how about you? Hows your little bean doing?


JO - May 28

(Medical Professional) HPT advice: Never take the test until you are actually late. Take the test 1st thing in the morning when hormone levels are at their peak. Avoid drinking excessive fluids the night before testing. Do not skimp on a HPT, they are not all created equal. If you have used a line-type and get unclear results wait two days and take a digital HPT (urine test with digital read-out). You can get a NEG result and still be preggo so always treat your body like you are preggo until AF comes (no drugs or alcohol). Some women never produce enough of the HCG hormone for it to present in urine tests, when in doubt have your Dr. perform a blood test. (Dr. may suggest doing urine in the office, insist on blood - the urine tests they use in office are no more different than the OTC ones.) Also keep in mind other things can throw off your cycle including: Stress, Weight loss or gain of more than 5lb., excessive exercise, a strong desire to be pregnant, STD's, and Birth control. If your symptoms ever become severe see a Dr. immediately as it could be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy, STD, or cyst. NEVER wait longer than the recommended time to read a result, they are 0% reliable after that time -especially hours later! THANK YOU! HAPPY TESTING GALS! =



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