Negative Urine Tests

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trishnish - April 21

Hi could someone please help me. I had my last "proper" period on 06.03.06 and i have a normal 28 day cycle on the 19/03/06 had unprotected s_x with my partner, about a week later i started getting funny feeling inside and i just knew i was pregnant, i could feel it. i know it sounds strange but i was the same with my first child,m (i have two). Anyway my period was a day late in April and it was so light and only lasted 1 day, it usually lasts 4-5 and is quite heavy, so i did a home pregnancy test and it was BFN waited another few days did test again same result. Went to my docs she also did two urine tests both werte BFG. the thing is i still feel pregnant i have all the symptoms, sore br___ts, tiredness etc. i feel that i'm going crazy, could i still be pregnant after so many negative pregnancy results?


karina - April 23

Yes you could still be pregnant, read some of the threads that say "negative but still pregnant" or mine under "Negative blood tests and botched ultrasound but still pregnant"


Dalin - April 23

Hi there, well I am a bit like you, last period was 5 March and since then nothing. Im now 3 weeks late and I tested a week ago, it was negative but I havent tested again, too scared I think. I have lots of signs of being pregnant, tired, lower tummy ache sometimes, but not like my period, discharge from my nipples, sore b___bs, queesy tummy etc. These HPT can be so frustrating. Fingers crossed that these tests are wrong and we are infact pregnant. Good luck.


trishnish - April 24

Hi Karina after reading your thread and a couple of others it seems there are alot of women out there in the same boat. Dalin what brand of hpg did you do? i really think you should test again soon and if neg go visit your doc let me know how you get on. Karina are you going for an ultra sound like you mentioned in your thread? My af is due again in a week i'm going to wait and see what happens then.


trishnish - April 26

update: took another hpt this morning (couldn't help myself had a dream last night that i was pregnant) result bfn i feel that i'm going crazy, what is wrong with me.


karina - April 26

Yeah, I've been having baby dreams too...never happened before. I'll be going for an ultrasound around 18-20 weeks, I won't go again before I'm positive it's big enough that there can be no doubts....if you've already had 2 pregnancies, you know what it feels like. Trust your instincts, if you had unprotected s_x that sure sounds possible.


trishnish - April 27

Hi Karina at least you've not got long to wait now for some answers, hope you get the result you want. Keep me posted, good luck.



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