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Alisha - November 25

I've taken 5 of the New Choice (from Dollar Tree) tests within the past 9 days. With each one an extremely faint test line appeared well within the 10 minute time limit but I cannot tell what color the lines are (poor eyesight). I've been having a whole lot of symptoms for a month now. What are the chances I am pregnant? Thanks so much!


Alisha - November 27

bumping for input


E - November 27

100% if you took 5 tests and they all showed positive, even faintly.


Tasha - November 29

congratulations !


Alisha - November 29

Since I can't tell what color the lines are, I'm not sure if they're positive. I've heard that this brand often shows evaporation lines within the time limit. I'm so confused. :\ Hopefully I'll be able to test with a different brand soon, but in the meantime, what do you all think?


Alisha - November 29

I do have a whole slew of symptoms. :\


Alisha - November 29

Oh and thank you!


hopeful1 - November 29

Hi. Over the last week I've taken 4 of the Dollar Tree HPT's (New Choice) and all were negative. I looked at them under a lamp, outside in the sun and in flourescent light and there is not even a hint of a line :( I'd be willing to bet you are pg! Hope that's good news for you...congrats!


E - November 29

There is no way that you would have 5 evaporation lines. When you continue retesting w/ the same results, the accuracy of your results increases.


J - November 29

why don't you buy an EPT instead of a test from the dollar store? Come on now...


Alisha - November 29

my apologies for taking so long I just got the responses.a friend gave me these i just went into town today and bought a digital test instead


Alisha - November 29

good luck hopeful1! I might test in the a.m.


Alisha - November 29

thank you hopeful1 and everyone else


Alisha - November 30

it was negative..what in the heck is going on?


Debra - November 30

I have also used the New Chioce test and it worked well for a positive result. If you have just missed your period, a more sensitive test might give you a better result like First Response. I think they have a test that can determine if you are pregnant 4 days before your period is due.


stephanie - December 20

i too took the new choice pregnancy test, both positive with very and i mean very faint lines. however i also go the clearblue easy and it was very positive! you pay for what you get. i would rely on them too much!


T - December 20

I have also used new choice, 4 different times. All were very faint positive as well.



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