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leann - November 4

I have not had my period since semptember 26. i have talen two hpts test and both neg. could it be to early to test


Tara - November 5

To mom of 6: I was given Provera when should I have s_x in order to get pregnant?


Mother of 6 - November 5

Leann, I would give it another week and test again. It could be that you ovulated later than you thought. If you get another negative, then i would get a blood test to be sure.


Mother of 6 - November 5

Tara, I'm not a doctor, so I can't give medical advise, but i can tell you what worked for me. First, you might want to call your doctor and ask him his opinion. That being said. Wait until after you have your period from this set of pills. You should have gotten 10. Your period should start within 4-5 days after the last one is taken. Then, chart yourself as if you were having a normal cycle without the pills. I don't have normal cycles, and wasn't trying to get pregnant when I did. I think that has been part of my success in conceiving. I only tried with 2 of my 9 pregnancies. My third (1st of the 2 I TTC) child was with my ex and it took over 13 months w/o any drug or help. My 5th child was 4 months after a bad m/c and with my new dh. I only ttc for 2 months w/o drugs. I never took provero to get pregnant, but I did get pregnant with my first 2 after having to take it. I know a couple of friends who had the same success. My best advise I can give anyone is to bd with your dh and enjoy the bond you have together. Don't worry so much about whether or not you are going to have a baby from it. Some men can get turned off by being turned into a sperm donor. Yes, I do know how hard it is when you want a baby so badly you want to cry to God why. I will keep all of you in my prayers. Good luck and baby dust to all!


Tara - November 9

mother of 6: I got the Provera but I had an allergic reaction to it. I spent this weekend in the ER. I not sure what to do now. I called my doctor's office but they didn't seem all that concerned.


Mother of 6 - November 9

Tara, The best thing I can tell you is to find a doctor who is understanding and who cares about what is going on with you. That is weird that you had an alergic reaction to the Provero, I am sorry to hear that. I hope that you are ok now!


Tara - November 15

Thanks for all your help mother of 6. I started my period. I guess i'll see what happens from here. I'll check back later


erin - November 15

mother of 6, i really respect you helping us out with your knowledge of pregnancy! it's great. so even though you're not a doctor, and you might be sick of questions by now, here's my story: my last period was oct 1st. i am regular, though not sure how long my cycles are, about a month usually. i expected my next period around the 1st of nov but it has yet to come. i am crampy often, like menstrual cramps, absolutely exhausted, napping three times a day sometimes and going to bed at like 8pm! my b___bs are bigger and heavy, i cried during oprah, and i am drinking milk (something i have hated all my life) like it is going out of style. :) went to the doc, he was great, told him that i've gotten only neg tests, he said he was sure i was pregnant (though with no exam, just based on symptoms i guess) and when i asked him what ELSE it might be, he didn't even humour me with a response and sent me for a blood test..which was negative. so...i'm not sure what to think, i feel awful and no period is a weird thing for me, there's no reason for me to miss it. i have been way more stressed other times and my period has arrived, grudgingly, on schedule. i can't walk farther than two blocks without wanting to sit down on the street i'm so exhausted. we only had unprotected s_x once but silly me i can't remember the date. i think it was around the 26th but that's a guess. does any of this sound pregnant to you or am i just hormonally outta whack? thanks for your help! (now give me some of that sticky baby dust, would ya please?) ;)


Mother of 6 - November 16

Hi Erin, Thank you for your kind words. Well, yes, your symptoms do mimik pregnancy symptoms, but as I have found from my own experience, hormonal surges can cause you to feel the same way. If your periods are normally 30 days apart and you had your LMP on Oct. 1st, I highly doubt you would have been ovulating on the 26ths of October. That would have been kind of late. Coupled with a negative blood test, I would say you are probably not pregnant. You don't have to be under an abnormal amount of stress to be late for a period. Your health can affect it as well. If you are very tired and get winded easily, I would say that there may be something else going on. You should talk to your doctor about it. As I told Tara, you should also ask him about something to help you start your period if you miss this one fully. No, I am not sick of questions. I came on this site looking for help and decided then, no matter my outcome, I would try to help if I could. I would really see your doctor to find out what else could be wrong and get that taken care of first. You want the baby you are trying for to have the healthiest mommy he/she can. Good Luck and very sticky baby dust to you and everyone!


Janie - November 21

Hi all hope all is going well with everyone nothing much new to report still havent got af i have an appointment wednesday to see about provera but im just wondering one thing since i havent had a period since august 13 i dont know when i was ovulating but today i had one time about 4 hours ago a tiny bit of pink discharge on tp just wondering what that might be nothing since and friday a tiny little bit of clear fluid from one nipple b___sts hurt still oh well wishful thinking probably guess didnt know that i wanted a baby until i thought i was going to have one keep ya posted take care all


Kim - November 21

Mother of 6 - I was due to start on Nov. 7. I am 26 years old, haven't been on bcp since I was 19 and I have very regular periods. We were not ttc but were not preventing either. I haven't really had any symptoms, just feel like I am about to start. I have had 3 - hpts and 1 - blood test. I don't think that I am pregnant but who can be sure. My question is, how long should I wait for af to come before I talk to doc about other options (i.e. Provera)?


Mother of 6 - November 21

Janie, I would make sure that you get a blood test before taking provero to start. It could be that you are getting ready to start and that is why you have the pinkish discharge. The clear fluid from your nipple could be that your hormones are out of wack. They both could also mean pregnancy, that is why you need the blood test. Our bodies are funny things, as I said above, even I was fooled and I have been pg 9 times. Mine turned out to be sever PMS, something I have never had before. I never knew PMS could be more than just bloating and b___hiness...LOL. Anyway, the best thing you can do is to see your doctor and ensure that you get tested before you take the provero. Since you haven't had a period since August, there is a small chance that you could have recently gotten pregnant. Good luck to you and lots of baby dust. PS, there is nothing wrong with wishful thinking!


Mother of 6 - November 21

Kim, Most doctors want to wait until you have missed more than one cycle. So, you would technically be there December 7th. Some doctors wait a little longer than that, since doing so is forcing your body into a cycle. I would say since you aren't on bc and aren't ttc, to be careful while you are on it. Be sure to ask for another blood test before you start taking it. Provera can be very potent for some women, though most physicians don't claim it's potentcy as a fertility drug, for some women it is, myself included. But only in the sense that it makes my body work correctly and gives me a definate cycle. I had to take it to have a cycle this month. It works within 10 days. Good luck to you!


Janie - November 22

Thank you mother of 6 for your reply. it helped still no more discharge at all today dont know just feel nauseous and tired and feel like af is going to come at any second anyways thanks again


Kim - November 22

Mother of 6 - thank you so much for the reply. I guess I will just have to wait it out and see how my doctor wants to deal with it. Should I really ask for a second blood test? And when? I thought they were usually accurate, or does it depend on when you take it? I just ask because the first blood test was done at about 1 week late.


Mother of 6 - November 22

Janie, Do you think that it is possible that you recently could have gotten pregnant? I hope that you feel better soon. Just make sure that they do a blood test before the Provera. Better safe than sorry.



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