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Mother of 6 - November 22

Janie, Do you think that it is possible that you recently could have gotten pregnant? I hope that you feel better soon. Just make sure that they do a blood test before the Provera. Better safe than sorry.


Mother of 6 - November 22

Kim, If you aren't on any kind of bc and are s_xually active, you could become pregnant and not have a period by December. The 2nd blood test right before taking Provera is to ensure that you didn't recently become pregnant and that you are safe in taking the drug. A doctor who will tell you that it is impossible to ovulate with no period is not a very educated doctor. Women can and do ovulate without having a period. I know, I've got the children to prove it. So, you are just being on the safe side by requesting a 2nd test. Also, make sure that they are doing the quantative and not the qualiltative test. They are more accurate. Good luck!


Kim - November 22

Mother of 6-Thank you so much for the advice. It is such a relief to be able to ask questions and get good answers. Some of the people on here think that if you sneeze a certain way that you are pregnant. They are not willing to accept that there are other reasons for a missed period besides pregnancy. I will definitely wait it out a while and talk to my doctor to see how he wants to deal with it. I will ask for the quantative blood test. I had one already but I don't know if that was the one that he did.


Kim - November 22

To address one more issue that Mother of 6 broguth up-I understand that it is possible to ovulate with no period but I also wanted to let everyone know that it is also possible to NOT ovulate and still have a normal period. When I was ttc a couple of years ago I was using ovulation prediction kits and testing for ovulation. I went 9 months straight without ovulating and continued to have normal periods the whole while. Just thought someone may be able to use this info.


Janie - November 24

hey all HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!! well an update from my doctor i am not pregnant but he is waiting to start me on provero cause he just wants to make sure that i am not going to start my period cause he said if i was then it might mess me up more cause i told him that i feel like im going to start he did another pelvic exam because i had new symptoms odd discharge and a spot of blood on monday and then he did a b___st exam cause they hurt and one was leaking a little and he found a lump he thinks it is like a nodule or cyst that woman sometimes get right before they get their period but to be safe i have to go get an ultrasound done on my b___sts so if any one has ever had this it would be comforting to know that it was nothing serious thanks for listening


Shawna - November 25

Hi Janie, I had an ultrasound done on my left b___st because of recurring pain and a small lump. It was just a cyst and I had nothing to worry about. Good on ya for going to the dr and getting it checked out. It was a bit weird laying on the table with my b___bs sticking out, but it was comforting to get the results. Good luck!


Janie - December 1

Thanks shawna that made me feel a lot better well i got my period monday and it is painful and not as heavy but definitely a period i usually have cramps the first day or two but i am still having cramps today i have to go get a referral to a different doctor since they dont have an opening till the middle of january and i cant even make an appointment till the middle of january schedules not open till then i guess anyways i still need to get a hold of my doctor and get the results of the prolactin test once again thanks for your reply brings a little peace of mind



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