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MzTorres - April 16

Hello, Ladies Im so Glad to know im not the only one going through this situation. I want to first off Thanks yall for listening and reading my storie any advice or comments are greatly appreciated. Here goes my storie. I am 21 years old, my LMP was February 27th. My husband and I had Intimacy March 12th. I was expecting my regular period at the end of March around days 29- 31 at the lates. but NO PERIOD ever came. I had menstrual like cramps but nothing. I was 100% sure I was prego since I had Intimacy on my ovulation date with no intention for pregnancy as my husband did not let it out in me. So i thought well there could still be a chance so i went to the doc on March the 30th i had a "Qualative Blood Test" and it was Negative i went home confused. Days later tried several brand urine HPT test and all were NEGATIVE. Not to mention my Extreme B--t changes, B--t Pain, Menstrual like cramping and on and off naseau and Weight Gain with a small pooch. I waited. . on April the 9th I went to a well know OB and he examed me and heard similar sounds to blood flowing through a placenta as he placed the sound thingy on my abdomen. He requested a "QUANTATIVE BLOOD TEST" and a Trans Abdominal and Tranva___al Ultra Sound. I had both of them done. My husband went with me to do the ultra sound as i told him look at the screen for anything u might see. Wen we left he said he just saw a black hole on the screen similar shape to an Egg. I thought nothing of it and said well i'll just wait and see what the results are. Monday came around and the blood test came back Negative below a level 2. I was soo Confused and Upset not knowing what happening with me. Then i rememberd my husband saying he saw a black hole on the ultra sound screen , so i googled "5 week ultra sound pic" and it showed a "BLACK HOLE" the sac and yolk. Thats what my husband said he saw on the screen. I called the doctors office asked if they had got my ultra pictures and viewed the results. My doctors assistant said they had not received them yet but they werent going to able to discuss any of the picture results until my next visit which is next friday so now "I am just waiting. Ive also been having pressure like pain in my lower abdomen and went to the restroom and tiny very tiny small amount of what i think was blood came out. I am just Confused!!!! not to mention i have the "Black PRrego line from Navel to Pubic". ANY ADVICE,or Similar Situations??? THANK SO MUCH A BUNCH , I WILL KEEP YAL UPDATED!


kitty22 - July 31

Well I going though the same but the 4 doctors I seen never did an ultrasound and my blood test was also level 2 so they keep telling me not pregnant due to all the negative pregnancy test. If I am pregnant (which I think I am) I be 24weeks along and my body sure shows i'm pregnant which I can't believe I change within the last 2 months. I hope everything turn alright for you. Let us know if it was a pregnancy or not. also not to make you more worry or upset but I had an ultrasound long ago to see why my period stopped and with the ultrasound you can see your bladder which will be a black hole on the ultrasound screen.


lucy252 - August 24

hi ladies i went through what your both going through thinking i was preg like i was not trying to get preg ive already got 3 kids i even felt flutters and all the other feelings that go with being preg but yesterday i took a period i was 20 weeks late it started off brown the went like a normal period so i guess im not preg after all did any of use get an answer as to what was going on



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