No Period Test Negative Whats Going On

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lostandscared - January 18

Hi, I am never regular with my period and usually have a 32 day cycle or so. Its been a week now, and no period but I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it came out negative. There wasnt even a faint line, I mean it was clear white, so there is not chance of a misread test. Last I had s_x was about a week after my last period and he did not finish inside me but I have read elsewhere about prec_m and related pregnancies. We did not have the pill nor did we use a condom. I have no clue what is going on. I feel exhausted all the time, I get horrible heartburn, feel bloated and feel like I am in a haze, kinda out of it. My br___ts are ok, no significant change there. Do you think I might be pregnant? What are the other symptoms that show up this early? Like body changes? Please talk - I need it.


concerned - March 29

i was in the same situation, but i am having negative sonograhms, pregnancy test, my belly looks about 7 months, and my b___st have changed drasitically. Help!!


metoo - April 1

hi, my period is also not usually normal but now i am 8 days late and i sort of feel pregnant like nauseous and stuff but i keep feeling like i am getting my period. also, we used a condom and he didn't come inside me but did come outside of me right after so maybe it got in me. is this possible?


londa - April 2

im in the same thig im about a day late feel tired all the time heavy dischargeand so on but i took a test and it came out neg. please help want to be pregnant


Kim - April 2

To Concerned, when was your lmp?


help - June 28



confused - June 28

I am in the same boat as you. I called my doctor last month because I was a 1 1/2 weeks late. My flow is normally five days, this time it lasted only three. I wish I knew what was going on with my body. I am now two weeks late and I have taken three preg test. All neg. But still feel nausea. I called my doctor and he told me that it was ok and just track my period for the next three months.



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