No Period But Negative Pregnancy Test

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Michelle - February 16

Help! I have not had my period since Dec. 27 and I've taken 3 pregnancy test, all negative. I have not noticed any major changes in my behavior other than lately I've been a major clean freak and I'm taking naps. Physically, my br___t are tender, as if I were to get my period, but no period. I'm not sure if it's just a hormonal change or if I should see a doctor. Does any have any suggestions. I'm totally new to this stuff.


Amy - February 16

My girlfriend did several home pregancy test, went to the clinic twice to do their urine tests and they all came up negative. She knew she was pregnant (it was her third). She finally went to her doctor and insisted on a blood test. It came back positive. They sent her for an ultra sound 2 weeks later to determine how far along she was. She was 16 weeks. So at 13 weeks the urine tests (even the doctors) kept coming up negative even though she was pregnant. I am going through the same thing. This will be my 3rd pregancy and my urine tests keep coming up negative. I have a doctors appointment on Monday and I'm going to demand a blood test. Good luck!


Michelle - February 16

Amy, Thanks for the advise. I'm going to make an appointment and request a blood test too. Best,


Alex - February 16

I am also on my 3rd pregnancy. With the first 2, HPTs were positive 3 days after my period was due. With this one, I am still getting negative results and my period was due 8 days ago. I am going to the doctor's on Friday for a blood test, but I am a little nervous because even if his test is positive it could mean that my hcg levels are low, which from what I have read doesn't sound promising for the survival of this pregnancy.


mayra - June 20

2 weeks ago i had s_x with out protection and am having sypmtoms of pregnancy and havent bleed i to a pregnancy test but came out negative was it to early when should i take another one


Rae - July 7

Mayra: you should wait until a week after your period is normally due from what I've learned. :-)



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