No Period For Week Signs Of Preg But 05 Hcg Test Help

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Colleen - May 5

okeydokey i went to dr today and they did hcg test was .05 hcg..... I am 7 days late for af and need some help. I had a faint pos yesterday, i have been naucsious, and some white dishcharge. my per should have started between 28-30 of april... I also took 2 of those stinking digital tests and they would not work right!!!! ahhhh ....this is really annoying and hard . please answer!!


Colleen - May 7

now it has been 9 days i had some cramps this morn but they did not last long and i did not start per yet......


lalya - May 7

well i was due for af on friday and i had a faint possitive on first response but then a neg the next day! (i took the test 4 days before i was due) i havent done another one yet altho my partner wants me to go to the doctor to get checked up as we had a faint possitive.I am going to wait for another week and see if i come on. i rang the first response help line and told her that i had a faint possitive and she a__sured me that i was def preg,then i did another one and got a neg! so confusing been ttc fo 9 months now i just hope that i am preg. good luck to you .xx


lalya - May 7

i have also been getting creamy lotion like discharge the past couple of days and feel very wet. its so confusing you call the help line and she a__sures me that a faint possitive is preg but then you hear posts on here that say they are unreliable!! dnt kno what to think. kinda sdread going to the loo incase the dreaded af has arrived! im usually every 28 days im only on day 30 but its still a sign i guess so my fingers are crossed for both of us.x


Colleen - May 9

i am 11 days late and yesterday i think or 2 days ago but i was kinda cramping but i have not ever got per or anything.... i was not really ttc but :) lol accidents happen :) good luck to u too


lalya - May 9

well my first son who is 6 in june was an accident and i wouldnt change him for anything. I hope everything works out for you for the best.x



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