No Period Still But Negative Tests

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Confused - September 13

My period is late 5 days and yesterday I took a Clear Blue home pregnancy test first thing in the morning. I have had some signs of pregnancy, like bigger br___ts and the veins on my br___ts are more prominent. I am also exhausted throughout the day and am peeing more frequently. I am waiting for 2 more days to pass so I can test again. Could my hpt be wrong? Why or why not??


Confused - August 18

My period is now 8 days late and I took my last test yesterday and still it came up negative! What's going on?! Am I pregnant or not!? I bought 2 more tests so I can test when I'm 2 weeks late.. but has this happened to anyone else??


Michelle - August 18

Confused, I am 10 days late today. I had taken 3 hpt's -- all negative -- and had blood drawn yesterday. I hope to find out in the next day or 2. I read on another forum several other women who are experiencing the same thing as us. Once I find out, I'll be sure to fill everyone in. Perhaps you should consider calling your doctor for a blood test. Hang in there!


Confused - August 18

Thanks for all your help Michelle :) I would like to know what happens with your blood test! I think I will make a doctor's appointment if I am 2 weeks late. Thanks and good luck! I hope it turns out how you want it! :)


Michelle - August 19

Well, I got my blood test results this AM and it came back negative, so I called by GYN. The nurse there said it may have been a little early to detect. She recommended that I wait another week and if still no period, re-test with an hpt. We'll see! Let me know how you're doing!


Confused - August 19

That's too bad! But yea it was probably a little early. I've heard that some women don't know they are pregnant until they are almost in their second trimester! My period is still late.. 9 days! I think I am going to take a home pregnancy test tomorrow morning before I leave for the weekend, maybe it will have a different answer for me this time! lol Well, keep me informed about you! It's nice talking with someone about all of this, lol.


Confused - August 20

I took an hpt this morning, and again, it came up negative. I am 10 days late... I think if it doesn't come next week I will test again on Friday. Anyone else having these troubles?!


Bitty - August 22

Yes! I have taken 5 7 days late and usually like clockwork. I have no symptoms and not even any signs of PMS. I ALWAYS get PMS. I am confused and not sure when I should call my doctor for a blood test.


Confused - August 23

Britty, I am always regular too! I am 13 days late now and still no period! Hang in there! If you are really anxious to know, try getting a blood test with your doctor! Anyways, good luck and keep us up to date!


Confused - August 25

15 days late now, and I was reading in some websites that signs of pregnancy is an increase of a clear discharge. Well I have been having it alot! Like I think it might be my period but it isn't and it just keeps coming! Is it really a sign of pregnancy?


Laura - August 26

CONFUSED: what other symptoms are you having? I'm 14 days late and took an HPT this morning and it came back negative. I've never been this late before except when I was pregnant. With my daughter I tested negative with an HPT and I was almost 14 weeks. With my last pregnancy (ended in m/c) I tested positive right away with an HPT (even though it was faint). These are my symptoms...tired/fatigued, headaches, bloody noses, clear discharge, a little nausea. Are you planning on getting a blood test. My hubby thinks we should wait it out. I think we might, but I'm not sure. We've been ttc #2 for over a year. Brianna: were you getting negative HPT results after your period was late??? Good luck with your pregnancy and CONGRATS!!!


Confused - August 26

I am almost 17 days late now. I have been feeling very very tired all day long, I am peeing more often than usual and I have also been having an increase in v____al discharge. I have been getting headaches sometimes, if I don't eat for a few hours and my b___sts have gotten bigger (about a cup size already), are tender to the touch and have these white bumps on them. I've never been late with my peiod either so I'm not sure what's going on! But I have taken 2 or 3 pregnancy tests, the most recent one being a week ago and it was negative, kind of faint positive but I decided to dismiss it because you had to look really carefully to see it. Sounds to me like you are pregnant Laura! Those all sound like sure signs! But don't wait for a blood test! The sooner you find out, the better care you can take of your baby and yourself :)


Jill - August 27

Confused - you're definately pregnant. Any sort of line, no matter how faint is a positive. I had 3 extremely faint tests when I was pg with my son.


Brianna - August 28

LAURA- Yes I did test negative even after my period was due. My latest test was tooken this morning and it came out negative. I also had a very, extremely faint positive on a clear blue and I also decided to dismiss it since it was so faint you had to stare hard. That was tooken 2 days ago. But i am definitely going to get a blood test!


Confused - August 28

Brianna thats the one i took too!


Laura - August 28

BRIANNA: how late are you for AF? Have any of your tests come back positive? Have you taken a blood test? How are you so sure your preggo if you haven't gotten a positive yet? I would love to know, b/c I wish I were as confident as you!:) I want to be preggers so badly, but I got that BFN and it makes me question if I am or not. Today I feel really yucky...basically just one of those BLAH days. Kind of like flu-like symptoms...backache, headache, tired, just c___ppy! hehe:) What symptoms are you having? When is your due date? Sorry so many's just that I haven't found many people that are going through the same thing I am! I just have to add my cheap two cents on the clearblue tests! I will never trust one of those tests again!!! Nobody take this offensively please! But a few months back I tested with one of those and I got a false positive! I was so p*ssed off!!! My period came a couple days after that. Just thought I'd share. Thanks for responding to my post....BRI and CONFUSED! I hope everything goes well with each of us!!! Thanks again:)


CHEZNAP - August 28

I have been on the depo injection since my daughter was born 3yrs ago i stopped using it in April. My periods stopped after about 6mnths of being on the depo. But my periods still have not returned. I have all the symptoms of pregnancy including the quickening feelings but keep getting a negative result on the tests. Has anyone got any advice?



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