No Symptoms Skipped Periods Could Gf Be Pregnant

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Trevbop - September 19

My girlfriend had her last period July 16th (2 months and 2 days ago) she was a late starter with her period and after 2 years her cycle isnt regular. We have had unprotected s_x, but even though it doesnt make a huge diff..I withdrew every time We've taken 5 tests (3 boots, 1 clearblue, and one i cant mind name but it wasnt cheap!) on 16th aug, 20th, 27th, 15th Sep and 17th. So it wasnt too early for these tests. She has no symptoms really...teeny bit of blood last week and a teeny bit of the white stuff (dont know name!) but she hasnt been nauseous, sleepy or sore. She's going to head to the doctor soon, I was just wondering what the chances are that she is pregnant? and Is it common for this to happen whatever is wrong with her otherwise? Thanks for help!


Stephanie - September 19

Very possible. That blood you talked about is called implantation of the sperm and egg beginning stages of pregnancy. The symptoms you named are signs of pregnacy and I hope you do right by her and support her and your child if she is pregnant and best of luck. Also pregnancy tests have a bad rap on giving false results so don't believe what you always see some tests are more sensitive than others and if she drank alot of liquid previously to the test and didn't wait for her morning urine which has the most HCG hormones in it then she could definitely get a fasle answer. Or she could be to early to tell. Hope this helps and God Bless!!!!!!!!!!


Trevbop - September 21

ok...a little update. Today (about 2 and a half weeks after that blood which you reckoned could have been implantation) we took a First response test. Still negative. I know its still possible but surely at this stage its most likely she isnt? Made an appointment for next thursday anyhoo. Thanks Stephanie



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