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sugarandspice - March 17

Hi ladies! This may be a long story but I would like some advice so here it goes. Back on October 24th I had a normal period(lasting 7 days with heavy flow the whole time til last day). In November I started having problems with nausea on/off. At the time for my period I started spotting and it lasted 3 days. Since then every month i only bleed lightly for 2-3 days. I've dealt with nausea and vomiting(which have both pretty much gone away now), sore br___ts, weight gain(about 11lbs), and in the last month have now been dealing with gas/heartburn, swelling of feet and ankles, really bad headaches everyday, and feeling movement and kicks in tummy. Through all these months I've taken hpt after hpt, some were pos and some neg, took 1 at dr that was neg. I went to dr and he told me that since I had a tubal ligation in 2006 there was no way I could be pregnant. Now we all know there's still a chance of it happening so I don't know why my dr would say that. That happened in January. He told me my problem wasn't in his area and to go see my regular dr. So I did. My regular dr did a liver test which was normal, an ultrasound of gallbladder and kidneys which also was normal, they didn't check the pelvic area. He also did another urine test which was neg. So he said he didn't know what the problem was. Last week I started with the swelling so I went to the emergency room and the dr there asked if I thought I could be pregnant, I said I don't know. He did another urine test and it was neg. I said well i've gotten neg and pos at home and I feel like I am. He told me to go back to my regular dr. I keep telling these dr's that I'm preggo and they need to do an ultrasound but they aren't listening to me. I don't know what else to do and my health or the baby's could be in danger since I did have a tubal ligation 4 years ago. Everybody around me has been yelling at me to get an ultrasound but the dr's won't listen and give me one. My boyfriend has felt the kicking himself. My stomach is round and out past my br___ts(i'm a heavy chested woman). Does anyone have any advice or a story to lift my mood? I'm so scared that I'm not going to know for sure until I go into labor and something will be wrong with my baby because the dr's didn't give me the care I needed.



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