Now 7 Days Late And 3 Negative Tests All The Prego Symptoms

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WildFlowerPretti - July 21

It all started about 2 or 2 1/2 weeks ago when i started getting pain shooting down my hips (just like my 1st 2 pregnancies) and then a crampy type of pain on left side and then middle and then right side, extremely low down (just as with 1st 2 pregnancies). I also started having very low back pain right above butt region lol (same as 1st 2 pregs). These symptoms have continued and sometimes worse and sometimes not. hips sometimes have a good bit of pain. then right above the pubic bone area seemed to puff out a little more last week. Last week I wanted pickles (only happened at 3-5 weeks prego with last 2). Then my BBs started swelling and hurting very bad. (of course same as b4). now I am 7 days late for my period and that has only happened the 2 times i was prego with my daughters. Its normal for me to be a day or 2 EARLY every few months. the last 2 days i have been so tired i can barely keep my eyes open...I am sleeping my normal hours. Im not stressed any more then usual. im still having crampiness but not like a period. I took a first response test last night and this morning but they were negative. with my daughters It came up positive on day of missed period. if im not pregnant then what could be wrong? I dont have a doctor right now anyways. also my car is not running to leave the house lol UPDATE*** reposted from the other day because of all the new info forgot to mention that I have had tons of CM the whole time. I am 7 days late today and yesterday I had a very faint pink streak mixed in some clear CM on the toilet paper. I have no clue what that was but that makes me more scared I think. I have been peeing a lot more. (not a UTi though). I also took another first respoonse Hpt this morning but I know I did not have enough urine to go for the full 5 seconds....It was negative. I guess no matter what it would have been positive. Im sure this must be something bad by now...must be something that mimics pregnancy in every way lol. Is there something else out there that could make a very regular period suddenly late and have all the pregnancy symptoms for 2 weeks? thank you for reading



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