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anon - October 5

I went to an Obgyn today. I suspect pregnancy but negative urine tests. I told her about this website and all the women who get negative urine and negative blood tests but really are pregnant. obgyn says "bizarre" and I should not listen to "these" women that the internet is so imisinformed and believes none of "these" women. I was so upset I told her I was leaving. I told her how can she just dismiss all these women as liars and "bizarre". She went on to tell me how I probably had a chemical pregnancy and I have spotting because my ovaries are now adjusting to the chemical pregnancy? What do you all think about this? She says it is impossible for blood tests to say negative and be actually pregnant!!!


Kimi - October 6

whats a chemical pregnancy?


to anon - October 6

I talk with a Nurse Provider at my local HD that said it could happen.


anonymous - October 7

Hi, a chemical pregnancy is when sperm meets egg but it does not develop and it is "lost" even before any symptoms occur. This obgyn is so off base. I am so pa__sed implantation stage. Why do not doctors listen to us and our bodies. When you write it could happen you are referring to women who have negative blood tests but are really pregnant? O, yes it happens allot. Just reading all about the women on here. This obgyn is so "odd". I wonder is she was testing me in some way?


DJ - October 8

In August I started going to dr b/c I had severe heartburn and a pull at the top of my stomach that seemed to me a little like stretching. My body looks different to me and has even changed since that. The drs would not listen to me at all when I suggested I might be pregnant. They looked at me strange for even thinking that yet all the med sites I look at for perimenopause suggest that you can even have multiples b/c more eggs can be released than usual b/c periods not regular. I think that drs only go with what they know and they don't want to know that their test can be infallible. I was told I had an ulcer, a UTI, maybe kidney stones...etc. No real answers b/c I don't think that it is those things. I take one test per month and just bought the one for Oct. My weight has gone down (I tend to lose weight at first when I am preg) or stayed steady but my timmy gets bigger each day. We will see what happens.


Mike - October 8

It's funny that anytime someone get information from the net that doesn't agree with a particualr philosophy, that somehow the entire internet is "misinformed". Come on. The net is another tool for communication. What's odd is that these physicians don't realize the importance of this. They like to stay in their own little box and pretend that every woman should react the same way while acknowledging that every woman is different. Do these physician's think that the patient should only listen to them and not their bodies?


10 days late - October 8

i think i'm preggers. All the signs are there (ovulating when had intercourse) moody (according to boyfriend) etc. etc. Negative HPT (not enough HcG?) Wen to doctor to get blood test, but she just did another HPT. negative. Of course i was dumb and didn't insist on Blood test, but she made me feel dumb for coming in just a week late. Told me to give it another two weeks and then test with a HPT. I don't want to wait that long. Blood test might see HCG that the HPT can't. Or like many here..just be a negative. So i'll wait and see. But anyway..just venting....I think i should be more a__sertive at the doctor!


DJ - October 9

That's the other thing HCG levels go down after week 8 (although they are supposed to be extremely high at that time). I read this in my daughter's college anatomy book. I haven't had a period since May 26. July 31had a little watery blood when going to the bathroom for 1 day; just when wiping. I That was about the time that I was suspecting that I was pregnant. Until then I thought I was having a phase of peri that was irregular periods. I couldn't believe that every symptom I had could be traced back to pregnancy and no other med condition I looked into met them so completely. The funny thing is I can see a little why they would. It's not like I wanted to be preg (although I reacted really funny when I decided I was; very maternal). I have 2 college aged kids and we were looking forward to the next phase. The funny thing is I think we arm ourselvefs with so much info that it isn't funny. I mean you can get into sites that are doctors research. My hubby had a vas 13 years ago and when I started suspecting, I looked up into on failure of vas. There is what they call late failures and I even found a site for men who had trouble that talked about some urinary probs like my hubby had starting 10 years ago and still has to some extent (never found out what the prob was), Turns out that can cause pressure that can release some sperm. My hubby said the chances are so slim that it just isn't possible. And I agree except it is possible just not very probable. In the meantime I wait for a night that I sleep thru to take another test.



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