One Test Positive One Test Negative What S Going On

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memoriesareabeach - March 9

My period has been late now for a couple of days so I went to get a Home Pregnancy Test. I bought the Clearblue Easy, where it shows a plus if your pregnant and a negative line if your not. I took the test and I got a plus but the line going down was faint. It said that if there is a plus and it didn't matter which line was more dark, it meant you were pregnant! Well, just to be sure, I went down to the clinic, and took another urine test there for it, and the docter said it was negative! Is there a reason for this? I have my blood test on Monday.


HeavenisMine - March 9

It sounds to me the clearblue test was a little more sensitive than the one your doctor gave you. Clearblue detected my last pregnancy earlier than the one at the doctor's office did. The blood test should confirm it!


memoriesareabeach - March 10

yah thats what I was thinking. I got bummed out with the dr said "its negative" but she still referred me to the blood test. I just hate having to wait a whole weekend! Both of us here have been all anxious for the past couple of days. We just want to get the blood test back and hear "It's positive!"


HeavenisMine - March 10

That's what I'm saying. Ahh yes, we really know what it means to be patient. I think you are pregnant, last night I had a dream about clearblue, don't ask me why.... JUst relax for awhile, maybe take another test to lift your spirits, and Tell us all about it when the blood work comes back!


nino3 - March 10

hi, the same thing happened to me. I did an internet cheapi at 12 dpo in the morning and it was positive. I went to the clinic later on taht same day and got really bummed out to find out the test came back negative. That same day i went to get a blood test and late that afternoon,,,Its was confirmed!!!! POSITIVE!!!! I dont think the tests at the clinic are as sensitive as the ones in the store. Congratulations to you


HeavenisMine - March 10

Yes, they aren't as sensitive it seems, they better use clearblue!


Meagan18 - March 11

HeavenisMine - i had a dream about ept, so that's the test i went out to buy lol. it was kinda weird.


HeavenisMine - March 11

Ohhhh, what was the result from ept? Maybe I should get clearblue...weird..I don't even think I am pregnant! Virtually symptomless.


memoriesareabeach - March 12

I didn't make it to my blood test today. We had a bunch of things to do today and I somehow forgot my form to go to the lab, so instead I went and picked up another hpt at dollerama and BFP! Two dark lines. not even faint this time. Woooo!!!!


HeavenisMine - March 12

I knew it! You have the most wonderful nine months! I am so happy to hear that!


memoriesareabeach - March 12

I have lots of questions now though as this will be my first baby! for pre-natal vitamins. Is there any way I can take those in another form than pill form, because it runs in my family to have a divit (Sp?) on the inside of my throat where pills -always- get lodged into. I mean, its easy to get them out of there, its just a real pain (not to mention a huge scare) everytime it happens. If there is absolutely any way thats possible it would be awesome. Any tips or anything would be really awesome, as I am completely clueless as im sure every first time mom is!



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