One Week Late Negative Test

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CapaxInfiniti - June 16

My last period was May 13th. I have a very regular 29 day cycle which should have resulted in a period on June 11th. It still has yet to make it's appearance and doesn't seem to on it's way any time soon. I picked up a home pregnancy test from Walgreens while running errands this afternoon and took it as soon as I got home. The results came back negative, which makes absolutely no sense. I am never late so I can't explain this. I've been nauseous on and off for the past five days especially just after I eat or at the smell of food, experiencing random dizzy spells followed by nausea and bloated. I know this isn't just signs of an impending period as my periods are rather pleasant since I don't experience any of the typical period symptoms (no cramps, no bloating, etc.). I have another test which I plan to take as soon as I get up in the morning. What could be the explanation for this? I just don't understand it. ~Meygan~


clindholm - June 17

Thet recommend doing the test first thing in the morning, maybe it was too diluted to pickup the hcg?


CapaxInfiniti - June 17

Well I took another test first thing this morning. I thought my bladder was going to burst before I got the test out of it's package. The results are still negative. I've decided to test once a week until my period shows up. If it still hasn't arrived by July 9th then I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment to see if they can tell me anything. ~Meygan~


Little angels - June 17

Hi sounds like we are in the same boat. I am five days late and being my 6th preg two of them ended in miscarage I feel like I know by now when I am preg. Sore b___be bloating tied and feeling sick . I have never been wrong yet. I to did a preg test on Sunday and it was neg. I hope my gut feeling is right like it has been in the past I hate the waiting


CapaxInfiniti - June 17

I hate waiting too angels. Curiosity killed the cat right? So it's one test a week unless my curiosity drives me buy out the drug store first. lol I know exactly what you mean. I'm NEVER late and people keep telling me that it's stress but I know in my heart that is isn't. It may not be pregnancy, though I feel it likely is, but it's not stress. In the pa__sed month I have been under very little stress compared to this past year.I hate waiting, I'm one very curious cat. wish you good luck angels, keep me updated. I love talking to those who are going through this same frustrating experience.


Little angels - June 18

Just hand im there and keep your chin up. I now do believe what is meant to be will be. Two of my preg came at difficult times and when I have wanted to get preg and thought about it every waking moment it didn't happen. When my mind is far away and not thinking about it that is when it happens. I guess what I am saying is I believe when the little angels are meant to be in our lives they will be and for some reason or another sometimes even when we want them to they can't be. I wish you the very best and keep me posted. I think it helps to talk to others.


CapaxInfiniti - June 18

I agree completely. If it's meant to happen it will. It would seem that the more you want something the harder it works to evade you. I'm not even sure how I feel about the whole ordeal. I wasn't trying to get pregnant. It happened just days before I moved from Florida to Chicago. The first day or so that I was late and the thought of a possible pregnancy occurred to me I had immediately considered abortion, actually convinced myself that is was what I should do, but to be fully honest, I couldn't live with myself. I'm ashamed that I had even so much as considered it. If I'm pregnant it would be an accident, but I would be making the biggest mistake of my life to not follow through with it. So I currently stand on both sides of the battle line. Part of me is anxious and beyond excited with hopes of pregnancy while the other side is scared to death and hopes not to be pregnant. Things will work out they way they are meant to for the both of us. I do hope everything works out in your favor. I'm hoping for you!! Good luck!! ~Meygan~


Little angels - June 18

Like I said before accident or not if it is meant to be it will be. I have three children and I love them more than anything. They have picked meup when I have been low and they make me smile countless times a day. Once you have a love like this you know what real love is because it is one you have never felt before. Belive me they are worth the worry. And if you are on your own it will be ok. bBelieve in yourself. You are probably stonger than you know


CapaxInfiniti - June 18

Thank you so much angels. You are very calming on one's nerves. If it's meant to happen I will be most blessed. I find pregnancy to be the most amazing thing our world has to offer. How one body can develop something miraculous. Yes, I am alone but I know I could get through it. Where there is a will there's a way. I thank you so much for being here. ~Meygan~


Little angels - June 19

Hi there again. Hope all is well. I am still waiting for my period. I have never been this late. Took another test today and another neg result. I feel so preg and it is so frustrating as it is ok if I am not but would be good to know if I am. I live in Tasmania and the support here is very poor. I would be disapointed if I am not but not heart broken because I already have three beautiful children. Thanks for responding to me it is nice to have someone to talk to. Sometimes talking to people you know you feel a little judged. Let me know how you are going and I wish you all the best. I hope you are preg you sound like a lovely person and a child would be lucky to have you as their parent. Do you feel ok about the whole thing or is it doing your head in thinking about it??


CapaxInfiniti - June 19

My period still hasn't shown up, and it doesn't appear to be any time soon. I've been so tempted to take another test. A friend of mine here on the forums and I are going to both test together on Monday. I just hope I don't go crazy before then. I hope you are pregnant too. Just because you have three already doesn't mean you should be denied another. You sound like such a lovely mother. I'm sure your children absolutely adore you to no end. It really is so relieving to have someone supportive to talk to. So many people tell me it's all in my head but it just doesn't FEEL that way, you know. For the most part I am doing pretty well, having a few pains here and there. If they are baby pains I am happy to accept them. I really try not to think about it too much. I am so hopeful but the more I think about it the more anxious I get to know. Monday is just around the corner. How are you doing? ~Meygan~


Lexicon - June 19

Hi Meygan - We are in the same boat. My last period started on May 12th. I am tracking my temps and cervical fluid using Fertility Awareness Method and know that I ovulated on June 5th. I am now 14 days past ovulation, i have had high temps every day, my b___sts are tender, i have bouts of serious fatigue, occasional dizziness, bloated for parts of most days, headaches. I feel so completely pregnant, but I've taken 5 pregnancy tests in the last 2 weeks and all have come up negative. However, they say if you have high temps for 18 days after ovulation, you are most certainly pregnant. Some women (supposedly like 20%) only have high enough HCG levels past 16 days past ovulation. So... we just have to be patient a couple more days. Keep me posted and I'll do the same. I don't want to get excited until I see that positive pregnancy test. -- Alexa


Little angels - June 22

Hi there. I have some sad news. I got my period on the 20th five days late. I also got the flu so that explains the sickness. I was so convinced and yes even talked myself into it as I have never in my whole life been late unless I was pregnant. Now I am wondering if I should continue or go back on my diet that I started. My head is telling me to. My heart saids you want another baby and that it is more important. I have lost a lot of my self confidence due to the weight I have gained but in some ways I think I have my whole life to worry about that later. I wanted my children to be close in age to grow up together and the longer I wait the bigger the gap gets. On the other hand I feel so poorly about myself should I fix that first. I am so up and down about the choice to make. If I had been preg I would have been over the moon. I now feel like maybe I wasn't meant to be. But like I said in my heart I wanted to be. I must sound like a confused person


Little angels - June 22

I am sorry I just went on and on about me. How are you are you doing ok?? I hope your spirits are still high. Hope you aren't stressing to much. My youngest daughter said mum for the first time a few days ago. Doesn't matter that she is my third baby I still get so excited at the little things they do. She is also getting really cuddly. I love it. She snuggles up under my chin and I melt. She is so beautiful. They all are. They bring me so much joy everyday and I am so greatful. Life is so happy with them around.


CapaxInfiniti - June 22

I'm so sorry to hear that angel. I can't really tell you what to do. If you are too uncomfortable with yourself I'd say try to lose some of the weight you want before you start trying though if you feel another baby is more important to you then a baby you should have. Do whatever will make you happiest. Your daughter sounds absolutely adorable. I still haven't gotten my period and I'm trying not to stress too much. I got myself all in a frenzy today because I started spotting. It started last night very faintly brown and today it continues and then became red but in a very light amount. Within an hour it was gone. My abdomen below my belly b___ton if quite firm and I can see that it is swollen. My jeans still fit but are uncomfortable when I sit down. I bough another pregnancy test today (EPT digital) and plan to take it first thing in the morning so hopefully I will have an answer. I'm trying my best not to worry myself into the ground over this but it's a bit hard not to. I've been spending most of my time reading to try to divert my thoughts and it seems to be working. I bought seven books yesterday and the two I bought on Friday I have already finished. I hope you get things worked out between dieting or having another baby. As long as you are happy I am happy for you. Tomorrow I'll have results to share, hopefully good ones.


Little angels - June 23

Hi there I have decided to have another baby. It is what is truely in my heart. I do have issues with my wait but I think having another child is what I really want. I am a size 16 so I guess I am over weight but not to big. Not that being bigger is what makes you a person. I just want to feel comfortable with the way I look. But if I had to choose between a baby and a slim body I would choose a baby without a second thought. I feel excited for you. I hope you get the results you want. Don't panic about the bleeding if you are preg. My friend had 2 bleeds in both her preg and went on to have 2 healthy babies. If you are ever worried trust your gut feeling and see a doc. I have had 2 miscarrages and no matter how small the problem might seem go and see. A lot of the time it may be nothing to worry about. I hope reading is helping a lot of people find it helps. I find talking helps. This is why I find this to be such a help to me. You are a help to me. So thank you. I hope I am not a bore. Fingers crossed for you for in the morning. GOOD LUCK.


pebblesapbt - June 24

Hi, I have read your questions and answers. I have had the same problems as you guys have. I'm 13 days late and the last test that I took was at the Doctors office. That was when I was 8 days late. I have been having pregnancy symptoms and I also have been craving Hot Sauce really bad for no reason. Like I want it on everything and I'm never like that. My doctor told me to wait until two weeks after i went to the doctor and if I still haven't had a period to take an at home test. What do you guys think? Have you known of anyone to be pregnant but get negative results when being a week or more late?



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