OP As HPT Confused

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Maria - June 14

Okay so I was picking up an HPT from Dollar Tree because my br___ts have increased a whole size now and have been sore for almost two weeks now, and I decided to pick up an Ovulation Predictor for the heck of it (it was only a dollar). Anyways so I took them at the same time and the HPT came out negative, but the Ovulation Predictor came out positive!!! Problem is I am on BCPs! On the website peeonastick.com it talks about using OPK as HPT. I shouldn't be ovulating right now! Do you think that for some reason the OPK has picked up on something here the HPT couldn't??


Beth - June 14

I don't know, that sounds weird! I had three definite positives with the ovulation tests, but just had a pregnancy blood test that was negative. I've never heard that the ovulation predictors double as pregnancy tests. I will have to look that up, I'm intrigued...


Maria - June 15

So I called the doctor today to have a blood pregnancy test scheduled and the doctor wouldn't let me because of the negative pregnancy test. He said that my b___st are a whole size bigger and sore because of too much caffiene intake, which I have never heard of. Planned Parenthood said they didn't do blood pregnancy test. Yesterday I also started feeling light-headed like I am going to pa__s out but I never do. Anyone with thoughts or suggestions??


Becky - June 17

OPKs CAN detect pregnancy, but the level that they detect at is MUCH higher than normal pregnancy tests. Go to www.peeonastick.com, click on "OPKs as HTPs". She talks all about it. :) Baby dust to all.


val - June 17

Sometimes you can still ovulate on the bcp, but the pill does two things...it not only prevents you from ovulating, it also makes it to where if you somehow do ovulate and you do conceive, that the embryo can't implant into the lining of the uterus. So sometimes you might still ovulate on the pill, but even if you conceive it won't be a viable pregnancy. This is actually the reason I went off the pill, as I had always thought it just prevented ovulation...I didn't know that it also made the lining inhospitable so an embryo would miscarry. With this said, some people still get pregnant on the pill...my sister being one of them, and she took it faithfully same time every day(she also got pregnant on the shot and with an IUD, she is evidently a very fertile woman--she now has her tubes tied). I would keep taking hpts if I were you.....have you missed AF yet?


Maria - June 17

No I have not missed a period yet but before my last period my b___bs started to get sore and bigger. They never went down in swelling like the usuall do after AF. I just have never had C cup b___bs before. I am 100lbs and 5'3''. Thanks for the input though : )



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