Ovarian Cysts Cause Pregnancy Symptoms

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karen - October 19

i just went to my obgyn and he told me that ovarian cysts can cause a hormone imbalance that can cause pregnancy symptoms. I did some looking on the internet and he is right it does. That can be a reason for the neg. pregnancy test.


to Karen - October 20

I know that is true, but I do not even have any cysts. I am stilling having the symptoms and signs of pregnancy. I have been checked for basically for everything. I definitely do have an hormonal imbalance, but do not know what is causing it.


Karen - October 21

I don't disagree with you. I was told this by my obgyn. I also read that if cysts are the reason for your hormone imbalance some of the symptoms are... BB pain, nausea, frequent urination and abdominal pain. It did say that if you have vomitting then your cysts are probably bigger or infected. Which also requires a fever. I would guess that it could be felt (and has said in articles) during an regular pelvic exam. I had one and the doctor never said that he felt one. He is sending me for an ultrasound and i will hopefully get an answer. My point to you is that i too have all the feelings (all of them, even flutters) and i get neg. pregnancy test. I know my body (and feel women know when they just feel different) so i am looking forward to my u/s on monday amd mybe i will get piece of mind either way. When was your last period? What are your pregnancy signs?


to Karen - October 21

Early symptoms was missed period, nausea, metallic taste,frequent urinations, sore b___st then lower abdomen started to swell, colostrum leaking out of b___st,swollen b___st, tightness in my stomach, hungry all the time,hard stomach, feeling kicks in lower abdomen(actually see my stomach move), pain in pelvic area, feel movement in pubic area. Also feel movement in my rectum area. They said my uterus was enlarged and cervix is closed. So I have all of this and the doctors say I am not pregnant, no cysts, no tumors,no thyroid problems, no menopause. They say I am fine, so I do not know what to do.


karen - October 22

wow!!! i would truly say you have a baby in there. you should try to get/rent one of those dopplers to see if you hear a heart beat. If you you can feeling kicking and can see it, i would go to your ob and demand an u/s. i'm not a very a__sertive person so i know it can be hard to get doctors sometimes to do what we feel is best. Did you ever have an u/s done? if so how early into the pregnancy do you think it was? i only ask because i had one done when i was 5 weeks with my first child and they told me i wasn't pregnant and they could not see a baby. I went back a week later and they found a baby and confirmed my pregnancy at 6 weeks. I have also read so much on this website with alot of women who are going through the same thing and 9 months later went to the er for bad pains and delivered babys and the ob in shock could not give reason as to why they had neg. tests and still was preg. i just got results back from my blood test yesterdays and BFN. i have an u/s on monday and i will tell you how it goes. i too feel kicking but it still is flutters and that is hard to prove to everyone else. You should take a prenantal vitiman anyways. Without the doctors help it is the best thing you can do for the baby right now. Good luck, keep me posted.


nopyremyinnie1 - May 24

hello. ive been feeling the same as karen. all tests came out negative. but i did have my period but im experiencing the pregnancy symptoms except for morning sickness, cravings and aversions. my stomach did get big but i did not gain any weight. hope you can help me



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