Overweight Women

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Nicole - March 30

any of you ladies overweight and got a positive? i read somewhere that hcg levels can be stored in fat. i took a hpt 19 days after s_x and got a negative but still have so many signs. if this relates to any of you then how long did it take you to get a positive?


Tine - March 30

I have been asking the same question too.I am overweight and have all the symptoms including missed period still no BFP. I'm doing some research on it and will keep u posted.


Nicole - March 30

thanks Tine I think i got implanation bleeding today, i just know i am pregnant but the tests say no...... good luck to you and lots of baby dust your way!!


Nicole - March 30

is anybody else going through this or have gone through this? i would really like some advice so i can know for sure and get prenantal care a.s.a.p if i am.


Nicole - March 31

has this happened to anybody else? please answer


Tine - March 31

I haven't found anything online yet. But I did survey my friends and their friends that have children. One of these young ladies has NEVER been able to get a positive on an HPT only a blood test. Her docs speculate it's because of her weight. They don't know for sure. Another girl had not been able to get a positive reading on a HPT until she was 22 weeks. Her doctors also blamed her weight. But the doctors provided no in depth explanations. I any case I have a doctors appointment tomorrow. I know my body and I just feel different. So an internal exam and u/s will tell the tale. ****Baby Dust Nicole***


Hannah - March 31

Thanks for asking around, I am also a bigger lady and have not had AF since Jan 3, Have every sign including leaking from my nipples but just can not get a pos result I would be about 12 weeks today


babydust - April 3

baby dust


bb - April 7

baby dust


Deb - June 17

I'm about 25 to 30kgs overweight ,32yo and last week did a home test which came up positive as I thought it would.Seeing that I have three children from my early twenties where I was between 5 to 15kgs overweight then.I hope this brings hope to other larger women.


kmr - June 18

hmmmmm....that's interesting! I have been on the pill for years and have always had very regular heavy periods. My last period was on time but very light and I should be having another one this week but so far, nothing. I took a test and it came back negative, but I took it after work, not first thing in the morning like you are supposed to. I feel like I have a lot of pregnancy signs (moodiness, mild cramping, dizziness, tender b___sts), but it also could just be all in my head. I am fairly overweight as well. I guess I will just have to wait it out....


Beth - June 18

I am overweight as well. About 5'4" and 190 lbs. I am about 16 days late for my period, and had a few light positives, or so I thought, but my blood test came back negative last Monday, I will be going in again this week for another blood test. I'm really hoping I'm pregnant with our first!


Reyna - June 19

Hello I am 21 years old and do not want to be pregnant right now but I am 25 days late. I took a pregnancy test at 10 days late and it came out negative, I have a 28 day cycle every month for years and I started the pill but stopped it about 2 months ago....Can the cause be that I stopped the pill? By the way I have had cramps and backache for about 8 weeks and some nausea sometimes my b___bs are itchy, my nipples got darker and bigger and I have weird feelings in my lower abdomen sometimes it feels like I have a hole or like fluttery gas feeling. I am not stressing about it, I just keep waiting everyday to get my period but I dont stress about it not coming. When we did the quickie I had been off the pill for 2 weeks and he didnt c_m inside me so maybe I havent got it because its my first monthly cycle off the pill, but I also havent heard of people not getting their period when they came off of it, I was on the pill for 2-3 months it wasnt years. Oh and yes I am about 80lbs over weight.


Reyna - June 19

I also had headaches and heartburn for 3 days straight and Ive been so tired and sleepy every afternoon after work all I think about is taking a nap


Reyna - June 21

I went to the doctor today and the pregnancy test was negative. She gave me an emergency pill to get my period so I have to wait a week or two to see if my period comes.


Reyna - June 22

I went to get a blood test and it was negative, they dont know whats wrong.



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