Ovulation Test Positive But Could I Be Pregnant

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Michelle - October 18

I tested pos. for ovulation on Oct. 2. Hoping to be pregnant, I was disappointed to begin my period on the 11th, but it wasn't normal.... a couple of little solid pieces, and only for 24 hours (unlike my 7 day normal flow). So I took an ovulation test this monring, and it instantly read positive. Could I be pregnant? Would the LH be detected this strongly after conceiving? Guess I should try a pregnancy test today.... anyone else experience this?


krob - October 18

go to peeonastick.com they tell you about using ovulation tests as pregnancy tests. anhow s I understand it there is only one little thing different about the LH hormone in ovulating and hcg hormone in pregnancy. ovulation tests may pick up hcg but pregnancy test will only pick up hcg not lh


B - October 18

Michelle, did you do a HPT yet? The same thing happened to me this morning. No af yet not due until next Wed but I have been cramping on and off for the past couple of weeks.


MIchelle - October 18

I haven't done a HPT yet, but my husband is picking one up on his way home. Good to know that the ovulation test can pick up HCG... I mean this thing was INSTANT in the reading... If I am pregnant, it would be perfect timing as I teach second grade and my due date would be the end of June... so I'd have all summer home! I'll let you know if it's positive!


B - October 19

Well, good luck. I took another one this morning and just like yours instantly positive as well. Baby dust to you. Let me know the outcome!


Michelle - October 19

Positive! HPT came out STRONGLY positive, but after calling the doctor, I am only cautiously optomistic. The nurse I spoke to says it could be an indicator of miscarriage, but hard to say. She suggested I go right do my former OB who delivered my son, and she said to try to get in before the weekend. So I'm happy, but concerned. Better check it all out now before I start going nuts and telling everyone! Good luck to you, too... keep me posted!



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