Pelvic Vaginal Ultrasound

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JL - August 6

How early can you determine pregnancy with a pelvic u/s? Is it better to get a pelvic or va___al? I have had a pelvic one before but never a va___al, is it painful and how long does it take to get results? I have taken two blood tests and some HPT's, all negative. I was thinking of trying to get an u/s to determine pregnancy. I have ALL the signs and still no period. I figure I should be about 6 wks by now. Any suggestions?


D - August 6

Vaginal U/S do not hurt and would be the most reliable if you are only 6 weeks. As for results... it depends on where the test is done... like is it going to be done at the doctors or is it going to be done in the hospital?? I would just tell your doctor that you would like the results back the same day so you don't have to go through the worry. Although if you are pregnant the U/S tech may show you on the screen. The heart should be beating by 6 weeks.


JL - August 7

Thank you for your helpful answer. I was also wondering, can I request an u/s by my dr. if all the other tests came out negative?


to JL - August 7

Your doctor should be happy to oblige if you ask him for an ultrasound. After all he is there for rea__surance. I would tell him you are having all the signs of pregnancy and are afraid you have a low hcg count.


JL - August 7

Thank you


U/S Tech Here - August 8

You can see a pregnancy as early as 5 weeks. if you're 6 weeks, you will see a baby, if you don't see it by 6 weeks, you're not pregnant


To ULtrasound tech - August 8

Have you ever heard of a woman being pregnant and not showing in the ultrasound?


JL - August 11

Good question


Viv - August 11

Actually sometimes the baby is so small at 6 weeks that it can hide pretty easy...I have heard of a bunch of instances where they couldn't see anything at 6 weeks, and did another one 2 weeks later and saw a baby and heartbeat. My dr. won't even see you until you are 8 to 10 weeks, because it causes unneeded heartache if you do an ultrasound too early and dont see anything, because things could be perfectly friend had an ultrasound done at right around 6 weeks, and all they saw was a yolk sac, and they had told her she would probably need a d & c as there was no baby, and then right before they were done with the ultrasound the little bub popped out from behind the yolk sac, it was perfectly fine. She is now 2 months old.


to u/s tech - August 11

What is the earliest a gestatinal sac can be seen in a trans/vag u/s?


Viv - August 11

A sac can be seen as early as 5 weeks



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