Period A Week Late But Negative Pregnancy Test

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Tera - March 18

My period is a week late as of today. I used an ept test 2 days ago and a First Response this morning, but both were negative. I thought if I am pregnant it would show positive by now. I don’t know what else could be going on. Has anyone else had this happen or know what could be going on with me? I would appreciate any info. Thank you in advance.


Mandy - March 22

I'm in the same boat..a week late today...negative test. I have never been late or missed a period. It is about to drive me crazy! i don't understand it. Not stressed and can't think of what else would make me late...


Julia - March 23

Same problem here, 2 negatives and a week late on my period. I've been nauseus and tired though. My b___sts are very tender and I just feel overall pregnant. I don't really get it.


Kei - March 23

Same here. I had thyroid removed and dr pulled me off all meds. so they I get period every other month on time post surgery. well it was due this month on the 17th and no show. took test tonight and it was negative. per my calendar/chain of events, it would make me wonder ok yeah i must be. i am 39 and was told not in pre-meno. never been prego but have one tube closed/damaged. was told that it could happen. wonder if i should contact the dr and do blood test. scheduled to see her next month - april 12 so wondering "if" possibly still ok to wait that long.


Amy - March 24

I have same porblem, just talked to my nurse and she said if you ovulate late in your cycle you will not get a positive result until you have been preg. for 2 weeks. I guess we will all find out soon??


hayley - April 4

hi, im late on period too, and we are trying for a baby! im having pulling pains in my abdomen which i had with my first baby, and tierdness! if the tests come up neg, then give it a week before testing again, and if still neg, then go and see your doctor and they wll be able to give you a blood test and an examination. dont leave it to long as if you are pregnant, you will need to start taking folic acid and start looking after yourself and start eating a healthy diet. remember that everyones body is diffrent and it may take longer for your hcg hormones to show up. good luck!


angie - May 4

same thing, stopped taking bc after last period April 4 and have been ttc took two test and they were negative yet still no period. Who knows, good luck to you.


Jessica - May 6

Well, I am over two weeks late and I have taken three pregnancy tests and they are all negative. I have been looking on the net to compare dif. kinds of tests, and the two that i have used have to have a lot of HCG to detect it. I dont know what to do. I am thinking about going to get a blood test, but I dont want to if I'm not..l keep trying to wait it out, but I am getting very impatient. My hubby and I have been trying for four months now. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but I cant help it.


Maria - May 6

I am late as well. About 10 days to be exact. I have also taken about 5 tests and each with negative results. My husband & I have been trying for about 3 months. I really hope that I am, but if I am not pregnant, then I want to get the period, and start with a new month. Is that crazy?


superbadchick - May 6

I am 10 days late. I had cramping for 3 days last week, then no AF - which is weird because with normal AF I cramp a few hours and then she comes. I took a First Response last monday - faint positive. Next 4 tests, bfn!!!!


Chaelyn - May 7

Hi Tera! same here! I'm a week late as of today. I took 3 preg test and it's all negative...I don't know what to think. Me and my husband has been trying for the past 3 mos and so i really don't know what to expect. I feel tired everyday, my nipples are sensitive and i feel like my b___st is getting big. I have an 8 yr old daughter and i can't hardly remember how it feels to be preg again. Should i wait another week and retest again? or see my doctor asap? Please can somebody give me an advice. Thanks


Vernie - May 7

I am in the exact same situation. I have tried clear blue test this morning but negative. I also thought if I was pregnant it would have shown by now. Period has been regular No clue whats going on!


chaelyn - May 7

having these negative results from those preg tests is really frustrating especially when ur expecting a positive result...i just talked to my husband and told him that the test is still neg. oh well i'll wait for another week and retest so i'll keep ya guys updated!


pauline - May 9

hiya well i havent had period since dec lost baby in jan 15th had d&c dont then havent had a period to date neg pregnancy tests,doctor is sending me for blood test this week so we will see??


Jillian - May 9

I am also a week late with multiple negative home tests and negative blood test. this would/will be my second child and I just know I am pregnant. I dont have any answers for you but do share you concern.


sally - June 1

is it possible do you think to have neg. tests & still be preg.? i am a week late but having neg tests. thought the one yesterday was faint pos, but think it's just the evaporation line.never had this problem before, can't believe i can be preg with no line at all. any advise ladies?


Kei - June 1

I was told stress and changes in my diet/medication. Oh well I guess I wont put too much into this. Are you old enough to be experiencing menopause? Some of my family members, of course, had change of life babies. Sorry.



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