Period A Week Late But Negative Pregnancy Test

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Kei - June 1

I was told stress and changes in my diet/medication. Oh well I guess I wont put too much into this. Are you old enough to be experiencing menopause? Some of my family members, of course, had change of life babies. Sorry.


Sally - June 1

meant to introduce myself. i am 36 & have had 6 miscarriages between 9 & 16 weeks over the last 13 years. got 2 beautiful girls aged 12 & 8 & just had my sterilization reversed in november 2004.desperately hoping for that baby,but know it will only come if it's meant to.xx


sally - June 1

my mum & eldest sis had menopause at 30, so i'm hoping i'm not going to inherit that one now i'm 36. since my sterilization reversal surgery on 18th nov last year i've had 2 early miscarriages. wonder if i ovulate later in my cycle of about 32 days, i think i do. perhaps i need time to get that pos test....


shyni - June 2

I visited the dr. it came out negative, she said b'coz we too much worried about pregnency it delays our period or stress, tension and in the eve. when i came home thinking that my period start now and then, it started the same nite. So girls stop thinking that u r pregnant, just be normal, if u r then sure u'll realize after some weeks.


Amanda - June 8

Me too. I'm almost a week late (tomorrow) and I've done two tests and both negative. My b___sts are tender and sore to the touch, starting to feel a bit nauseous today and always tired (though not sure if that's because I go to bed a bit later than usual now). No food adversions or too much sensitivity to smells, except for cigarette smoke. Makes me v. nauseous. Never have missed a period before - always on time (down to the day, sometimes the hours it happens - v. clockwork).


Michelle - June 9

Hi my lmp was May 3rd or 4th. I have a 35 day cycle normally sometimes less. I took a hpt 3 days ago and it came out negative. Waiting until the 11th to test again. First month trying keep telling myself that I'm not so that I won't get my hopes up. Wishing that if I'm not pregnant my period would come already.


Sally - June 10

Eversince having my sterilization reversed nov 04 we have been trying for a periods were every 30/32 days, but the last 3 months they have been 40+ days apart.i have no idea why & didn't think i was that worried about being preg, BUT i must be ! when you are due on you notice all the symptoms & get mad with people who say "don't worry,you'll know soon enough" BUT it never seems soon enough. i started my period on day 43 this month but due to booked trip to Florida at end July i'm pretty pleased in a way.Hoping the holiday will help bring baby to us. Good luck to all you ladies out there, I am thinking of you.x


guest - June 10

I hear ya! The waiting part is a pain. I've only been off the pill 3 months. First month my cycle was 33 days. Second month it was 28 days. This month, so far 38. I have not been under a lot of stress, and we are definitely taking it slow worrying about having a baby (we have seen friends stress them selves out and make everything much harder on themselves). I don't really have many symptoms, but I don't have my usual period symptoms either. I am extra tired, but I'm trying not to read into it. At any rate - we keep waiting. I have had 1 negative hpt and if I have another I may go get a blood test next week, because I have never missed a cycle entirely, or gone this long.


Erica - June 10 last period was april 28, 05 and it lasted for 6 days....although i had a two day spotting may 18, 05 and now still no sign of my period so therefore ive been late for 15 days. what does this mean?


areona - June 11

I understand what you are going through. I am 13 days late and took an EPT twice and it came out neg. Probably you should take a blood test or wait a little longer to take another preg. test.


Erica - June 11

hey thanks for the answer.....i took a pregnancy today hoping that i was..but it came out im worried thinking whats going on...i do believe there can be an error but what do think..all theses times of trying really has made me feel like i cant have really down.


Sally - June 11

Dear Erica, don't give up. it took me over year to fall for my daughter Rio, after a miscarriage. do not ever give up. i have been trying now since my sterilization reversal in november.i will not give up hope of another baby & please don't you.stay in touch with this list, they are supportive. Sally


erica - June 11

thanks sally, i really needed to hear that....and ur right..i wont give it....God knows best.. but im really wondering if theres a possibility that there can be an error since i havent had my period and maybe it was to soon to tell...well if it turns out that i am i let everyone know on here....thanks and good luck..


Tyra - June 17

I am in the same situation. I was expecting my period at the end of May, and as of today (June 17th) period. I have taken 3 home tests so far, and all negative. I have sypmtoms from back aches to spotting...I think. I do not know what is going on either. All I can say is that I will have to wait 1-2 more weeks to see if I just happen to miss one month's period. I hope to find an answer soon before I go to the doctor's office.


jamie - June 18

I am having the same problem, my period has never been more than 33 day between, this month I should have started on the 13, being 5 days late took a hpt -negative, I felt like AF was here but she never showed up and now 5 days later am having light yellowish-pink discharge when I wipe wish I knew what was going on!


patty - June 20

i have been going thru the ssame thing and i am now 15 late and had a 14 day period last month so i to am lookin for answers to luck to you and if u find out anything please respond



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