Period A Week Late But Negative Pregnancy Test

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iloveyouxx - February 17

i have also started taking pregnacare conception - does anyone know about these tablets and how effective they are, and if they actually work? any advice would be welcome - i am 20, and with a 19 year old, thanks x


christinaray12 - February 22

Hi 24 hour urine pregnancy tests are advised after 10 days of ovulation and fertilization. However, the doctors’ advice waiting till the missed periods as the pregnancy test taken before this may indicate a false pregnancy result. Vigorous physical activity or muscular trauma during or prior to the test will cause an increased amount of creatinine and may lead to false results as well. I hope this is helpful. this may helpful;


Esim204 - March 9

Did anyone end up being pregnant even know there period was a week late and had a negative urine test.


roberts69 - March 10

right okay, 3months of clomid no positive PG's but my periods have been under 35 days which is great, also used the clear blue fertilty monitor last month and it actually says that i ovulated on days 17/18 which mean my period came around 14 DPO which it did unfortuanly but it sounds like i am ovulating but just ho wmany eggs!! any way i had a letter dated 25th Feb last week from a fertility clinic and had our first apointment yesterday, but it was just a consultation....we chatted for a bit...was quite a quick appointment but got a few more appointments booked now for testing, they also continued me on clomid for another 3mths but put me back down to 50mg....i got my 14 day scan on the 23rd march to see if i am ovulating and how many eggs and also my hubby has his appointment for a s____n sample 7th april to see how his swimmers are doing....i am also waiting to hear from them to have a Hysterosalpingogram....for some reason because of where we live, we are not funded so i have to get my doctor to refer me again so they will fund me to have this procedure!! so in the mean time i am going to take my clomid, continue with the fertility monitor and i am going to chart my temperature and check my CM...a few tests to do but i know...but i want to keep up to date with as much as possible....will keep you updated xx baby dust to all xx


laura_C - March 24

hi i was just wondering if some one could give me some advice, i havnt had my period this month i am 3 weeks late i have taken 2 pregnancy tests but they have came back negative their has been no change in circ_mstances or exercise or even diet and im certainly not stressed quite the opposite but i am a bit worried as i have got some sort of pulling pains in my stomache and side we have been trying for a baby for 2 and a half years can any one give some advice as i am starting to loose faith in it


gracielu - April 10

I'm also a week late today. AF should have been here on or around the 4th, i'm sometimes a day or 2 late, but normally I can count on AF to be here on or about on the 4th of every month. Its now the 10th, no spotting, no AF and neg preg tests. I've taken 3, 1 on the day AF was due, one yesterday and one this morning (thinking maybe 1st urine would test better) and all neg. Dh and I have been ttc for 13 months so hoping for a pos test soon!! Just started going to the Dr about infertility, and I'm only 31 and DH is 32. I've tested fine so far, Doc thinks maybe I didn't ovulate last month, I'm thinking maybe I did but later than when I was tested?! DH tested fine also for sperm count. Dr wants me to go in again on Day 5, but AF hasn't shown yet...Fingers crossed that April is our month!!! and baby dust to you all!! Wondering though, has anyone else here ended up with a positive test? Even after all of the negatives? If so when did you finally get your pos test?


nicolax - April 12

Hi folks, jst to get uz updated as not been on here since dec] We are still TTC our 2nd its now 20 months we have been trying, had all the blood work etc all fine. Got an appointment at infertility clinic on the 11 may cannot wait hopefully they help. My period are back on track every 30 days until this month when i noticed some light pink wattery liquid when i wiped sorry too much info but this was 2 days before i was due my period then there was no more then 2 days later the same only when i wiped not enough to ware a pad etc then again another 2 days later, i have done preg tests yet again to BFN dia__spointment again, after th past 4 months of not thinking about i thot this was our time, afeel as though everyone around me is having babies. Baby dust to all, ill keep uz updated xx


roberts69 - April 14

tell me about it, i know what you mean by everyone seems to have a baby bump every where i look, does make me smile though even though its not me cause i just think about the 16mths of ttc, i actually had a letter from the infertility clinic in feb and we have had a few appointments for tests we needed to have done, ive got another 3months of 50mg clomid to help with ovulation which seems to be doing its job, its got my cycles under 35 days which is great, my clear blue monitor is saying im ovulating so again thats a good sign, ive had a scan which i was expecting it to be internal one!! quite a long probe but wasnt to bad....hubbys face was a pic though!! which showed i may have ovulated but a few days before my scan,so it was hard to tell but looks like i did, had 2 lots of bloods done, 1 for my 21day, my hubby had to do a sample yesterday have to wait for letter next week, and now i just got to wait for my appointment for my HSG scan then we can go for our follow up appointment to get results and discuss what options we got...depending if theres any problems etc....but until i get the letter for my scan the followup appointment might not be till after may cause of waiting to have this other scan done....but im really glad we have had appointments as it will hopefulyl give us some anwsers....even though we want the anwsers now....but it aint gonna happen!! so nicolax good luck with your appointment in may, the first one is just a quick consultation, going through a booklet you have to anwser questions on and then some bloods....its quite a quick appointment but its the start of getting some anwsers hun....good luck....let me know how it goes...if you wanna ask questions i will try and anwser dust to to you.... and baby dust to all the ladies out there xxxx


nicolax - April 28

Hi roberts69, was wondering more abouts test this clinic would i require more blood and scans etc? As i have had all this blood work done had an ultrasound as well as another one when the inject dye too, plus my hubby has had all the tests as well and everything normal :S ?? Jst the thought of going thro yet again more tests its draining tbh! Keep all of uz updated on your dust to all :) x


me2u - April 30

I had a light positive last Saturday with a hpt and a definite positive on Monday, but a negative on Tuesday. My OB/GYN did a blood test and it was also negative. I am a week late today. I have not felt good for over a week, slightly nauseated and the such-like. Has anyone had a negative blood test turn positive?


roberts69 - May 4

hi Nicolax sorry havent got back sooner was on holiday, im not sure what more tests you would need to have done if you have had all those done at the moment, because i am still waiting for had the HSG scan, which there is a 3month waiting list :-( should hear something by june, i havnt had my follow up appointment, all other tests i have had done but not got the reults back from them as yet, have to wait for my follow up appointment before i get those :-/ ....have you had that apppointment and discussed your options yet?? it seems like its all a big waiting game xx baby dust to all xx


amg1219 - May 4

So I am back to trying I had to have a D&C on april 21st and am dying to start trying but have gotten so many mixed answers any where from start right away to wait 4 months?


nicolax - May 6

Hi roberts69 my appoint is on weds ill let u knw what happens then[ my GP gave me my results jst says normal whatever "normal" is but the infertility clinic will discuss more with me[ im tryin to relax and not think about it but its hard as there always sumthing at the bak of my mind[ ill keep everyone updated and hope all goes well with you as well :) x


roberts69 - May 9

hi nicolax good luck wednesday hope they give you some anwsers....looks like i gotta wait till july to get my anwsers :-/ the HSG scan has a 4mth waiting list and thats will start from march so im just waiting for the letter now to get my appointment booked....take care hun....keep me posted xx


me2u - May 10

I've noticed that so many people post questions, but never let us know what the final result was. So I want to post my results. I had a miscarriage. It was an early abortion. I would have never known I had been pregnant if I had not had taken the HPT when I did. I was nauseated, even vomited, was very weak and tired for over two weeks. I had an ultrasound because I was 2 weeks late and the uterus lining was wrinkled which was the confirming sign that I had a miscarriage. I was told that most of the pregnancy are never even detected. It was sad for me but at the same time I didn't know if I could even conceive so it was exciting at the same time. I hope to conceive again soon. I'll keep you posted.


nicolax - May 11

Hi everyone, had the infertility clinic today, was ok i thought, gt told iv too lose 3 n a half stone in weight before they can offer me treatment was shockd tbh but gna do it :) Plus i have to get a tracking scan to see if im producing eggs, but will keep everyone updated if anything changes. Baby dust to all x



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