Period A Week Late But Negative Pregnancy Test

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nicolax - May 11

Hi everyone, had the infertility clinic today, was ok i thought, gt told iv too lose 3 n a half stone in weight before they can offer me treatment was shockd tbh but gna do it :) Plus i have to get a tracking scan to see if im producing eggs, but will keep everyone updated if anything changes. Baby dust to all x


jessewify - May 11

My period is currently 8 days late and i have taken a pregnancy test and it was negative. My period has never been late except for the two times i was pregnant. But as far as that i am not stressed have not have any stressful factors in my life have not gained any etra weight so i do understand why dont i have my period and why the hcg te eep coming up negative so can some one give me some incite on this


roberts69 - May 17

Hi nicolax you can do it :)good luck and keep us posted xx baby dust xx


roberts69 - May 17

hi jessewify, jsut wondering if you had any update on your negative test? x


nicolax - June 3

Hi everyone, jst an update again....been going for traking scans for 3 weeks now and im not ovulating so if nxt weeks scan is nothing going on again, iv to go on fertility drugs. Has anyone been on such drugs and has been successfull ????? Baby dust to all x


roberts69 - June 8

hi nicolax, what fertility drugs are they putting you on, i was put on clomid, after coming off my pill my periods were all over the place, i had tests done and i was told that i wasnt ovulating regulary and that is why my periods were all over the place, i was put on clomid for 6months and it has helped me to ovulate regulary and now my periods are between 28 and 35 days which is normal so they have helped me ovualte....not to concieve, but the doctors say they are only to help you ovulate not to concieve it just increases your chance xx good luck and baby dust xx


nicolax - June 16

hi robert69, thats me on day 30 now of tracking scan and nothing happening, got another scan on tues, i dont knw yet as she hasn't sayed much the doc. A mean 2day she basically said about loosing weight and i feel like the last 4 weeks hard work of dieting swimming and gym has jst been thrown back in my face. I feel like givng all this up TTC as its really stressful and im defo not cut out for it but my DH is like we have gt this far we cannot stop now, but ill keep everyone updated after tues & baby dust to all xxx


roberts69 - June 21

hi hun, sorry i havnt got back to you sooner, doctors are all the same with weight, no matter what they want everyone to be perfect size, dont let it get you down, keep doing the good work, losing weight doesnt happen over night, please dont give up and dont keep stressing over the will happen when the time is right....keep going to the gym, keep eating healthy and stay stay positive, baby dust to you and all xxxx


Verna - July 11

Hi, I am 56 days late and the moment I realized this, I went out and bought some hpts. I took one that Friday, it was negative, I waited a week and took another on that Friday and it was also negative. I then set up a doctor's appointment and had a pregnancy test done there and it was also negative. My doctor said that sometimes, we skip a period due to low progesterone levels and that could be my problem. I'm getting a blood test done later this week, just to be absolutely sure.


doe huntress - July 17

hi, I am just so confused...I am 6 days late, and a negative pregnancy test. we have been trying for 7 months to get pregnant. I dont know what to do?


roberts69 - July 18

Hi all....sorry havnt been on here for a while....just a quick update....after 18months of TTC and 6 months of clomid on the day before fathers day this year i finally got my Positive Pregnancy test :-) i couldnt believe it what a fab fathers day gift it was for my i am 10weeks and 1 day from the 1st day of my period and we have our 1st scan (the dating scan) 4th august....that time cant come round quick enough....i hope everything will be alright with our little grape....i want to say to all those ladies out there who are TTC...not to give up hope and dont think about it....take a holiday and relax enjoy.....and one day your little miricle will happen xxx baby dust to all and i will keep you posted once i have had my all important scan....i cant wait...i just hope everything is ok....been a long time....and a long time since waiting to go for our scan xxx


Rosa38 - July 18

Roberts69, wow congratulations!! Genuinely delighted for you and gives me and I'm sure everyone else hope! My latest news is TTC for 18mths now and doc says I'm not ovulating sufficiently and overweight so trying to lose 2 stone (1 down, 1 to go) before I can be referred to fertility...tried Clomid 12mths ago and didn't work for me but might be able to have another round once I lose weight..Hard when lots of people around seem to be pregnant or having babies at the moment. Best of luck with the scan and keep us posted :)xxx


Rosa38 - July 18

Roberts69, one last thing - were you still on Clomid when you got pregnant? Thanks :)


Rosa38 - July 18

Roberts69, one last thing - were you still on Clomid when you got pregnant? Thanks :)xx


amg1219 - July 18

Verna -- i went like 70 days with out a period and got pregnant after that.


jeffsmaria - July 20

If you took a test and got a faint posative then again and got a negative, then I am sorry to share that you probably had an early miscarriage. The same thing happened to me not long ago. A nurse shared with me to wait 3 days, if it was negative then I most likly had one. I know it is heart- breaking, it was for me. I am sorry.



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