Period But Still Pregnant

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Mel - March 1

has anyone ever gotten a +hpt several of them and then started there period. I am just curious as this is what is happening to me. I am confused. I dont know if I were pg or not.


Kelly - April 5

Hi Mel, I am going through the same thing. I have taken about 5 hpt's, 4 negative and finally on Saturday morning there was a faint positive line. I started my period on Sunday, cramping and all. I don't know what to think now.


mommy2be - April 5

are your periods lighter or shorter then normal? cause that is more common then most people think, also you can have your period and still be pregnant. i think you two should get a blood test and make a dr.'s appt. good luck!


hope - April 6

I have just experienced this. Got three positive results over three days then started to bleed, just as period was due. Had early scan and doctor said that i had more than likely had a misd m/c due to a blighted ovum ( where the egg is fertilized and starts to develop, but an error occurs and no baby is produced) Fingers crossed its not the case for you. xx


Diamond - April 12

can you still have your period and be pregnant


g - July 7

got my pd on 6 /7/05 had unprotected sx on 6/18/05 and 6/20/05 took 5 tests all came out negative washed this morning saw little bld thought it was my pd im wearing a pad no blood whats going on i feel pregnant is my mind playing tricks on me


Erica - August 17

I had unprotected s_x with my boyfriend and my period came on the following day, is there still a possibility i can still get pregnant?


probably m/c - August 17

If your period was a full period with cramping and all it was probably a chemical pregnancy, meaning you were pregnant-that's why the positive result, but it ended - giving you your period. This is very common, just something wrong with the fertilized egg, and nothing you did that would have caused it. On the other hand if your period was much much lighter, shorter and not cramping, or mild cramps, this could be implantation bleeding. I would wait 2 weeks before taking a hpt after the bleeding to give your body enough time to produce the hcg needed to show a positive test result.


Brittany - August 17

Mel. My aunt got pregnant when she was 15 and she had her period through the entire pregnancy. Everyone is different....


Lola - September 17

If you still get your period but still think you are pregnant can a hpt still detect the pregnacy hormone?


Me - September 17

Hi Lola, I am wondering the same thing. I think I'm pregnant due to all these symptoms but have had two periods and 3 negative HPT's. Am now awaiting blood test - but am faced with unhelpful doctor. He seems to think I'm making all this up, very frustrating. Hope someone who's been through this too can help clarify!


Asha - April 1

i had unprotected s_x like a week ago and i just got my period...could i still be pregnant? im only 15 and really period the 1st day of it since i had my period has been really heavy and i get really bad cramps and grumpy..but the whole day today its been really light barely bleeding and its been a light color......and no cramps i havent even took medicene....could i be pregnant?


corinne - April 1

More than likely no. And START USING PROTECTION. Even if he says it takes away the feeling or whatever excuse start protecting yourself.



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