Period Is 2 Weeks Late

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ashleygeoffroy - February 12

Hi everyone! i just signed up. Well I am now 2 weeks late for my period, and i have done a few tests, and they are negative. But I do have tender br___ts, bloating and gas, I am peeing a lot more too, and slight nausea. I am in need of some advice, and I am starting to get fed with these negative pregnancy results.


TucsonHelpful - February 12

Don't discount the actual symptoms - your HCG levels may not be high enough yet to register on the test you are using as each test has a different minimum HCG level it requires for a "positive," and each woman's body is different. If you get a negative result again but are still having symptoms, you should wait one week and then test again. If still negative (or even before then) you can see a doctor to have a blood test or an exam. You could also go to a place like Planned Parenthood or something and pay for an ultrasound, which could tell you for sure. Good luck!


AmySmoak - February 12

I know how you feel! With my first pregnancy, I never got a positive until I was 7 weeks...unfortulatly I m/c at week 8. Now I am a week late with all signs pointing to +++++, but my urine tests were neg. I went for a blood test today, so we will wait and see! Good Luck! Keep on testing! Baby Dust! Hopes and Prayers!


carla123 - February 15

i am a week late with bfns as well. dont know whats going on. what hpt can you take to detect early pregnancy??


crackersforme - February 15

ashley...what ever happened? I'm in the same boat as you...two weeks late tomorrow & tested negative again yesterday morning.


ashleygeoffroy - February 16

Hey guys! Just went to the doctors and she gave me a urine test and it was positive, she says I am now 5 weeks pregnant! YAY


AmySmoak - February 16

Congrats! I will be 2 weeks late on Tuesday. I hope I get those same results! Have they done a blood test yet to check you levels?


crackersforme - February 16

Ashley...when was the last time you tested negative at home (how many weeks & days late)? Guess maybe I'll test again tomorrow morning...I'll be two weeks & one day late. Also, like Amy said...what was your beta...still low?


AmySmoak - February 19

How is everything Ashley? Hope everything is well! Give us an update!



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