Period Over 2 Weeks Late With Negative Hpt Anyone Else

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Nelli - November 1

ok basically i have been trying to get pregnant since august. last month i got my period 6 days late and for the month of october it never came. i have been pregnant before so i know what the symptoms are. i really dont have any of the symptoms except my br___ts get swollen and then go down throught this past week. i am so confused because i really want to be pregnant. Has this happened to anyone else that turned pregnant?? please someone help


Melissa - November 9

Hi Nelli, My last AF was September 25th and I am also trying to get pregnant since August. Well all of my tests have been negative so far and I took my last one today Nov, 9th. I am not going to the Doctor until I miss my second Period because I have no noticeable symptoms. Keep me updated on yourself.


Natasha - November 13

Hy Nelli, i am two weeks late (i think), I am irregular, however i had fertile mucus and positive ovulation test 4 weeks ago and when i have that i usually have AF two weeks later. I am having pregnancy symptoms such as tingly nipps, backache, bloating and nausea and also so hungry! i have done loads of HPT's and nothing. it is very frustrating. I am just acting like i'm pregnant just in case. I would also love to know if anyone else has had a positive at 2 weeks late or later. By the way Nelli, have you read mandy's story on "7 days late" its very encouraging. I really hope we are both pregnant, we would be due around the same time!!


Denise - November 13

Hi Nelli, I don't want to sound negative but it very well could be you are experiencing what is called a blighted ovum. I had one a year ago. I was 10 days late and took two pg tests that were both negative. I called my dr and she said come in for a blood pregnancy test. I got the results back the day I started. My hCG level was so low a hpt could not detect a pregnancy. A blighted ovum is where the egg is fertilized but never develops after implantation. Because it takes a while for the hormones to go down you don't start until they get to almost 0. I had never heard of this until I experienced one. I had a lot of symptoms of my first son's pregnancy very soon after the first day of my missed period. It is heartbreaking and my doctor said it was also considered a very early miscarriage. She said a lot of doctors will gloss it over and never tell you you had a one that you just had a late period. So if you do get a negative hpt but still haven't started I would strongly suggest you call your doctor for a blood test. Insist on it because it will tell you for sure whether you are pg or not and if the levels are low it could mean the pg is not viable. I hope this information helps. I have never heard a doctor say anything negative about their coleagues until a year ago. It took me by such suprise. I am so glad I her for an ob/gyn and pray I will have her for a very long time.


Natasha - November 15

Hi Nelli, I was wondering, do you have any news yet? I still haven't got AF or BFP. My b___bs are so itchy tho, not sure if it means anything. I think I will go for a blood test soon if AF doesn't appear.



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