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shell - February 19

ive had 3 positive results using first respose tests. period only a day or two late but still getting cramp like feelings as though im going to get my period. is this normal? feel like the whole prenancy thing is in my head!! cant allow myself to get excited. someone help me!!!


shell - February 19



Jules - February 19

Hi Shell I've read that ANY pos (as long as it's within the time frame and not after) is definitely a POS! And the fact that you've had 3 is very appealing! I believe the cramping may be normal - as long as you're not in great pain. Also - not everyone suffers from many symptoms during their pergnancy so you may be doubly lucky there! We're all different! Why don't you get a blood test done to confirm - more accurate? If I were you I'd be jumping around the room!!! Hope you are :-) - blessings to you!


shell - February 20

thanks so much for replying. still havent got my period. am going to see the doc tomorrow so will get it confirmed. thanks!!!!


sara - February 21

i got a positive hpt ( the cheap one from dollar general) when i was 3 days late for af, my only symptom was feeling like af was about to come any second. i didn't believe i could be pregnant either because i had been trying for so long. i am now 10 weeks and still having occasional light cramping. it sounds like what you are going thru is completely normal. congratulations.


JL - February 23

Don't get too panicked. The cramping is a result of the hormones causing your uterus to relax. I had these symptoms with a healthy full-term pregnancy and also with a recent chemical pregnancy. It's hard not to freak out when you feel the cramping, but please know that it is totally normal and happens to others too. From what I have been told, these cramps get worse and worse with subsequent pregnancies because your body has been through it all before and just turns to "mush" when the hormones start flowing! My chemical pregnancy was just last month, and I had strong cramping, stronger than the cramps I had when I was pregnant with my daughter. Unfortunately, last month's pregnancy was not a keeper. We are TTC again, so keep your fingers crossed!


Jenny - April 19

It's going to be a month I havne't recieved my period. I feel nauseated throughout the day, and am unable to drink coffee like I use to. My nipples are getting sensitive. I stopped taking birth control for that same month. Do you think that birth control is the cause.


T - May 5

I have taken 3 tests but I am not sure about the results. The lines on the test are light blue and the ept test was difficult to read. The line in the circle was dark and verticle with a faint horizontal line. I have slight cramping like I am going to have my period. My husband and I don't want to get to excited with the possiblility of being pregnant.


Jennifer - May 31

I wanted to know if I could be pregnant. I got my period but it wasn't normal. It usually lasts 7 days and it was only 4 days and very lighter than usual. My bf and I had s_x during ovulation but he didn't bust in me. I heard pre c_m can get you pregnant but I don't know. I have noticied my stomach looks way bigger than usual and I keep on having to use the bathroom. What's the matter?


Tiffany - June 7

It is normal to get cramps when you are pregnant. I got them. My doctor says that a lot of women get them. Just to make sure you are fine you should go see your doctor to make sure the baby is okay


angela - July 7

can some one be pregant and be on there period at the same time


dora - July 9

if you've had 3 positives then that shows me that you're preg.I too had cramps and im currently pregnant.Embrace pregnancy


Clare - July 13

I saw my doctor today. Im 5 weeks pregnant. Horay! I have had a dull ache the whole time, like a period pain. It scares me a bit as I lost my last pregnancy and I dont want the same to happen. My doctor says we have to wait and see as its too early for scans and that If I get sharp pains to go back. Fingers crossed.!!


jojo - July 13

cramping is normal when you are pregnant or when you think you are pregnant... for example when i got pregnant i got cramping for the first month and i though i was gettiny my period ended up beening i was almost 2 months


corinne - July 29

please i feel very nauses have period type pain bad lower back but i am on day 22 i have been having alterative therapy to get pregnant with accupunture and chinese herbal teas since april, what is going on thankyou


r - July 29

i am getting cramping like af is comming i havnt done a hpt in 2 days the 1st one was neg but i dont feel like my period is comming on i am geeting like a smoothe lotion like discharge is that a good sign because normally before af you get thick lumpy stuff dont you?


anonymous - September 26




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