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CC - November 8

had an AF Sept. 28-Oct 4, I bd the whole week of Oct 10-17 using to "pull-out"(i know not a very good method), my partner says he pulled out on time, but he does have doubts. I started an early cycle on the Oct 20th which I was suppose to start either last week or this week, that cycle was 4-5 days long and I usually go a full 7 also it started out heavy with reddish/brown coloring but by the 4th day it was mostly spotting. Some of the symtoms I have been having and they have increased is throwing up(comes and goes),lots of saliva (comes and goes), been moody and tired, cramping it comes and goes but it happens on both sides, my br___t feel heavy and are tender with blue lines that I can actually feel, also my nipples are darker with a hint of red on the tip, I also have pimple like bumps around my areola, and my nipples are always erect. My discgharge has been light, but watery, I had headaches, my abdom is bloated . Had a cold that lasted 24hrs horrible. I tested 5 times(I used First Response 3 times, Dollar store brand, EPT and got BFN on ALL , I have an apt. with my doctor Nov 14th for a blood test. This would be my second child if I am PG and with her I had similar symtoms but I was about 6-10wks I even tested with her and got a BFP. Any advice/comments would be very helpful. Also how accurate are the blood test and did I test too early with the others?


Tia - November 8

Blood test are fairly accurate. PT's test for levels of HCG (a.k.a. the pregnancy hormone) Different brands test for different levels. Once hCG is secreted by the embryo, it is metabolized into the bloodstream first, and within a couple of days, is metabolized into the urine. Therefore, the blood test is usually a better early-on detector. hCG first reaches the urine in very small quant_ties, too small for a pregnancy test to detect. It increases daily, however, approximately doubling every 2-3 days. Home pregnancy tests vary in sensitivity; they range from about 15 mIU/mL to 100 mIU/mL. I would try the clear blue easy digital one, or just wait for your Doctor's appointment. Keep us posted on what happens!



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