Phantom Pregnancy Or Something Else

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jenisjen - October 31

I'm 30 and have two children already. I'm not seeing anyone currently, but recently (September 29) I had an encounter with a friend. We had too much to drink one night and one thing led to another, we didn't use any sort of protection, which was pretty stupid on both our accounts, but at the time my reasoning was, well I'm getting my period within a couple of days so I can't get pregnant. Well hours after the dirty deed was done I started spotting and got my period, which lasted all of three days. Four or five days later I started getting sick, but I think that is just something to do with stress or something I ate, I was overseas at the time everything occurred. the nausea lasted about a week. I threw up once, but that was after drinking some coffee. My "friend" swore up and down from the day after we had s_x that I was pregnant and I swore that I was not because it was impossible to get pregnant when you get your period. But he kept saying it and since the exact same thing happened with my first child (he swore from the moment he came that i was pregnant) I started to have a panic attack and made an appointment for a blood test for a few days later, in the meantime I took a HPT which came back negative, which reinforced my thinking that I was not. But all the while I had a niggling little voice in the back of my head telling me that I was. I was having nausea, but I know thats something that usually doesn't show up for several weeks with extreme tiredness and my br___ts and nipples have been tingly and just overall annoying and there was just this FEELING. Blood test came back negative, but before I got that result I took another hpt which also came back negative again. When I finally did get the results back, I felt that the blood test would have to be positive if I was indeed pregnant so I went ahead and made an appointment for a pelvic to get back on b/c. that appointment is still several weeks away. In the meantime, I got my period on October 27, it came a day earlier than I was expecting and it was lighter than usual. I usually have a heavy flow the first few days, which usually last 4 to 5 days, but this was three days of light and a day of spotting afterwards. I did get a little tenderness in my br___ts around the time I got my period, which went away a day after I got my period, so this as well tells me I am not pregnant, but my body and somewhere in my brain keeps telling me I am. Its driving me crazy. I still have this nausea which gets worse after I eat and this tiredness and the tingly br___ts. I guess somewhere deep down i WANT another baby, which is probably why I'm feeling these symptoms, but this is ridiculous. Am I sick with something? or are these just phantom pregnancy symptoms?? and when do they go away?


jenisjen - October 31

oops, I forgot to mention I have been crampy for awhile as well. this is all very annoying


littlecow67 - November 18

hi, well your not alone if thats any consolation, im 41 hav two grown up children with an ex, hav been wit my new husband for 5yrs, last yr after being sterilizd for 10 i had op reversed, fell preg in april 08 mc june 08, preg again aug 08 mc again oct 08, over the last few wks even at this very moment i feel nauseas, bust has incresed a cup size (thats the good bit), but very tender, craving for choc ice cream, no period, like you i want another baby but wonder if thers somthing else wrong,or wonder if its all just a figment of my imagination, sorry not much help i'll keep my fingers crossed for you,


Seredetia - November 21

When I wanted another baby it seemed like every period I got was later and lighter than the previous one. I think our minds play a HUGE part in making us think we're pregnant. I've found that the pregnancy tests are pretty darn accurate, and I've always gotten a positive result RIGHT away -- well within 30 seconds or so. (always? it sounds like I have 50 Anyway, the only times that I became pregnant were when I hadn't noticed how late I was and I wasn't even thinking about it. In fact, my husband was the one to alert me both times. Good luck to you!



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