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Tara - January 25

Question: I took two pregancy test which were both first reponse. I took one on thursday night and it was positive then decided to take another one on friday which was positve but very faint. then i went to the doctor friday afternoon and he did blood work he stated the results were incomplete. My result was 7 and he stated negative result is a 5. My 28th day for my period is today jan 23 and i have started not as bad as normally. So i decided to take another test and it came back negative. What is going on am i or am i not pregnant and can i still have bleeding or my period while pregnant.


Brooke - January 25

You could very well be pregnant. Anything under 5 is usually negative, however sometimes it takes awhile for the hcg level to rise in your body.


ekay - January 25

I would go back to your doctor. It really isn't good to bleed in early pregnancy.


ekay - January 25

Good luck by the way. :)


alexa - January 25

Tara i think u are pregnant ... like Brooke said it might take a while for that level of hcg to be detected .. for now take care of ur self in every way meaning health metally and physically .. just in case ur are .. GOOD LUCK .. and KEEP us posted


Tara - January 28

Thanks , for your help I took another test today and it came out negative but I did have a different period it was more of just spotting nothing normal to what Im use to having I am going back to the doctor today to have blood work done again and i will keep you informed of my results. thanks again for your help.


tara - January 30

i went back to the doctor and he states the blood work came back negative but im still confused why did my home test come out positive and was was my period not normal it's never been like this very light more less just spoting. i am so fustrated anyone else out there have this problem? i just don't know what to think


Elizabeth - January 31

Tara, that happened to me once, before my first preg. I had a positive result, then a week later I got my period - I figured it must have been a very early miscarriage b/c false positives are so rare. 2 months later I was pregnant but didn't believe it for a long time... now I have the opp prob b/c i'm 4 days late but 2 tests showed neg! but to answer your question, yes, other ppl have experienced the same thing!


Tara - February 2

Thanks for your help I still think there may be a possibility I am i quess i will have to wait and see> I'll let you all know whats going on if i hear anything. O.K. Thanks again


Elizabeth - February 2

Tara, I know what you mean, I also think I'm pregnant, and I have had 3 neg. tests so far. I am only one week late so far. For now I will wait and see, please let me know what happens with you!


Tara - February 3

I sure will let you know everything. It is just so fustrating when you can not get an answer. My only question is why would my body produce the hcg hormone if i was not preg. and could i still be? but no one can really give me answers so I'll have to wait and see.


zara - February 11

can you pregnant and have period.


Tara - February 21

Hey guys well just got great news I am pregnant and the doctor states 7-8weeks so yes you can have your period and be pregnant i spotted my first month and then never got my second one. so sending baby dust your way



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