Please Help 3 Negatives And So Confused

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Jackie - May 1

My husband and I have been tring to get pregnant for some month now and this month I am 8 days late ( but usually clockwork ) I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all are negative. I feel as though I could start my period with all my cramping but it never shows. I never went through this with my first, I'm begining to go crazy. Please Help!!


Monique - May 1

To Jackie........ I am now 24 DAYS LATE...still no show...Did a couple of HPT again this week (so far, took a total of 7 HPT, 1 dr's urine...all were neg...)...Went to the E.R. on Friday, had blood test again (total of 2 blood tests, all negative)....At least this doctor was friendly and helpfull....I am having an ULTRASOUND done this coming week (hopefully I'll get an answer this week)...the suspense is killing me, but I changed my way of thinking in order to keep my thoughts busy...if i'm pgnt, it'll eventually show.....Still having more symptoms (nauseous without vomiting, ALOT of tingling & burning feelings in my lower abdominal area, very sore nipples, extrememly fatigued, headaches-which i never use to have, white creamy discharge....etc) So, I really don't know what's going on....Hopefully I'll get some answers this week...Please, let me know what's going on with you and I will let you know also....Good Luck to us all :)


jackie - May 1

Monique...thank you so much for your answer. I am going crazy. I want to be pregnant so bad that I think its in my head. I am peeing alot, but the cramping is like a period, So I guess its a mix of confusion and worry. I'm not sure if I should go to the doctors yet because I might be jumping the gun..


Monique - May 1

Jackie...I know it's frustrating, and trust me, I have a lot of patience (thank God). I would advise you to retest 3 days after your last HPT. If it's still negative, maybe you should go see your doctor and ask for a blood test (which in my case was useless since it came out negative twice, and still no period). But, you never know, maybe your HCG levels are higher than mine. ALWAYS go with your gut feeling about anything, especially this!!! Me, I feel prgnt even though this would be my first prgncy. I know my body soooo well, and these changes I've been having are really strange and different. I'm still not putting my hopes up, just in case i wouldn't be (something i've learned the hard way, from the past-not to put my hopes up for anything until it's confirmed). So, the only thing I can do right now is wait. I will be taking another HPT tomorrow morning, just to say.....It'll most likely be negative, but you never know I guess.....The hospital is suppose to call me this week to make an appointment for my ULTRASOUND....Hopefully then, I'll get some answers......Keep in touch and Good luck :)


heidi - May 1

Hang in there gals! I am 14 days late right now...I have never missed my period when I wasnt on bc. I feel so sure that I am husband and I have been trying for about 5 months...but I keep getting scared that its all in my head...I have some nausea and my gag reflex is cough and I am running to the bathroom...some odd food cuc_mbers and vanilla ice cream...all last week I had heartburn from hell, no matter what I did it wouldnt go away...hmm...I dunno I have taken like 10 hpts and all neg and 1 neg dr urine test...ack will this waiting ever end? I was going to take another hpt this morning, since I have heard that the morning is the best time to take it..but nothing happened with the hpt it was a lines at about anticlimactic...anyway will keep ya posted...


Monique - May 1

Heidi and Jackie.....Well, we are all going through the same's unbelievable how this can happen to so many women....Let's stick together and support each other in all of this....Nobody else could ever understand what we're going through except for us.....I can't wait to find out what the outcome is gonna be this week.....let's keep in touch..... :)


jordan - May 1

hi girls I am with you I at times think it is all in my head the symptoms that i am having I go to the Dr on Tues for a blood test I am praying to either get a positive or my Af as I want to move on from the frustration of wondering and taking a million trips to the bathroom just in case Af has arrived. Good luck to all you ladies and I will hope for the best for all of us keep is touch.


Scarlett Jane - May 2

Monique, Jackie, Heidi, and Jordan-- I am also going through this with you guys! Some mornings (like this morning) I just start to wonder if I'm crazy. Its entirely possible this is all just stress for me (i am in the middle of law school exams). BUT, i'm married and i'm not on BC, we just use raincoats---BUT we use non-latex raincoats because I'm allergic to latex. And the box of the condoms says ONLY use these if you're alllergic to latex because we're not sure how well they work (thats what it says in a nutshell.) Anyway, I'm day 50 of my cycle, i'm exhausted, naseaus, i get cramps in the morning and in the afternoons, im starving constantly, i've had heartburn, a bloody nose, i pee ALL the time, i burp all the time, i'm SO ga__sy, and, mostly, I just feel different. My body feels different. Maybe its all in my head? But it feels different. I've taken like 5 hpts and all have come back negative as well as a qualitative blood test which came back negative. So, I didn't have a period in April, and my period in March was 5 days late and I wonder if it was implantation bleeding because it wasn't at all a normal period . . . . and it would make more sense because my husband and I had a "close call" in February . . . .is it possible that I'm 12 weeks along and not showing hcg in tests??? or I guess the other possibility would be that I'm like only 3 weeks along?? that math right?...oh well. . . . . I guess we'll all either start showing or finally get a positive test or finally get a period . . . . until then I guess I should go buy a prenatal vitamin just in case . . . .


Monique - May 2

To Scarlett Jane....We're all in the same boat....It's kinda unbelievable how this is happening to soooo many women out there. I just took another HPT (Clearblue + - ), and again it was a very faint positive...this is the only brand, out of all the others that i've tried, that is faintly positive....I won't take another this week since it drives me nuts way too much...I will wait for my ultrasound...don't know what day of this week it's gonna be yet....If we're all pregnant, I will definitly be calling those HPT companies to complain about their "so called accurate" tests...hehe. If not, why is this happening if everything in our lives is as extra stress, etc......I just don't get it....Anyways, Let's keep our fingers crossed....I strongly believe that everything happens for a I have FAITH that we will all get our answers soon :)


heidi - May 2

Monique, last week I called EPT and asked them what a very faint positive line would indicate and they said if any line no matter how faint shows up before the 10 minute cutoff then its a 99% chance you are preggers...not that I necessarily believe what the hpt companies tell me now anyway, but I thought I would let you know...did you take the test first thing in the morning or later in the day? I think I am going to go out and buy the clear blue test and try it out...its one of the few I havent tried I should buy stock in these companies


Monique - May 2

Heidi....Hi, I had also called clearblue to get info on that faint positive that I keep getting, and they told me the same, of course....They have to say that...hehe. But they won't mention anything about defects in the tests of course....I always take my HPT in the morning so my urine is the most concentrated it can be.....All of the other tests i have taken come up negative, no faint lines..Clearblue (+ -), NOT the digital, always comes up with a faint vertical line (+)....So, we'll see....gotto go to work in 1/ to you when I get Back.....bye for now :)


Scarlett Jane - May 2

Catherine have you found out anything yet??? I can't find the thread where you were posting but I'm curious how things are turning out. Keep us updated!


Jackie - May 2

Thank you all so much for your support. LIke yo7u said I can't believe so many people are going through the same thing. i talked to my doctor today and since I was only 9 days late he said to just hang in there. But yeah easier said than done! I don't think I'm preggo, just because when prego with my daughter it showed up right away, and plus its easier to think negative than is is positive (don't want to get my hopes too high) The doc also told me to watch out for abdominal pain and back pain, those are both signs of a tube pregnancy and if its that you won't get your period but it won't show on a home test. Hopefully I will get my period soon, and than my husband and I can get back to tring. PLEASE keep in touch hearing everyones stories keep me in check that I'm not alone. TTFN....


Kristi - May 2

This is my first time posting here, but I'm so glad to see that I'm not alone. I am 9 days late and 7 negative pregnancy test. I have been tired, having heartburn, and peeing alot. I know what you mean about going crazy!


jordan - May 2

hi girls I go to the doc in the morning i am starting to get period like cramps again so I have a feeling Af is coming. Cramps for about three days. I am a little concerned about it being a tube preg. I hope not.I will let you know how things go on Wed as I should get results then.


Tabby - May 3

Hi everyone I am going through the same thing last cycle was March 19 have took 5 HPT all are - going to the Dr tomorrow I feel like i'm going crazy I have always been regular


jordan - May 3

Hello No news yet I went to the dr and she did a blood test, she seemed to know alot about Negative urine tests and still being preg so there is hope girls, I will let you know if and when I get my results I amm prepared for he negative blood test as I feel as though AF is coming.



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