Please Help Me Need Advice About Blood Test

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+++++ - October 24

OK, according to an OPK, I would have ovulated Oct. 13th or 14th ( I got a positive OPK on the 12th and 13th). I have pretty long cycles usually somewhere around 38-41 days, sometimes longer. I was on Clomid last month, but didn't ovulate, This month we skipped it so I could get testing done (HSG, Transva___al Ultrasound, Hubby to get SA- all came back ok). If I O'd on the 13th, it would make me 11 dpo today. My dr. wants me to come in on Wed. (2 days from today) for a blood test to see if I'm pregnant. I've taken 2 HPT's and both have been BFN, last one was today. If the blood test comes back negative, she wants to wait one more week and then give me a progesterone shot to make me get my AF, if it doesn't come on it's own by then.... She said they are waiting that week in between the blood test and the shot to make sure I am absolutely not pregnant... Once I get the shot and AF comes, I start Clomid again.. My question is... should I be concerned that 2 days from now isn't enough time to get a positive blood test FOR SURE????????? How sensitive are they?? What if it's a BFN and then I wait a week for the shot but maybe I really am pregnant(which I don't feel like I am, no symptoms yet)... I am just alittle nervous that maybe enough time didn't pass to get the hormone levels high enough... I read about all these people who take HPT or get a blood test done and they are all BFN, but they really are pregnant... Am I sounding crazy? What shouls I do? I assume the dr. knows what she's doing... But since my cycles are long and kind of messed up I never know when I'm late, so how can she say, 2 weeks time (from O) is enough time to make it show up as a BFP? Does this make sense?? Help me....


Bohnwin - October 27

I am a lab tech, not a doc, let me open with that. You can take my advice/explanation how you want. But definately ask you doc about anything I say. If you ovulated on the 13th or 14th, and O'd on the 13th, it could take up to 7 days for the egg to become fertilized, and up to 3 weeks for it to become implanted in your uterus. Your HCG levels should rise before it becomes implanted. Most HCG (Quant_tative, which are the ones that give you the number, not qualitative which are the ones that tell you "Positive" or "Negative") are sensitive on the lower end to 2 IU (international units) per ML (mililiter) which is EXTREMELY early on in pregnancy. I'm talking the first week of conception. HOWEVER, you need at least two HCG levels in 2 days to verify a viable pregnancy. For women who have threatened miscarriage, standard procedure is to have one HCG drawn, and another in 48 hours. The two levels are compared, and a doubling of the level is considered a viable pregnancy. For those trying to conceive, a Quant HCG is an "early" detection tool. It's good she waited the two days between the first test and the second. If the one you are waiting on is neg (less than 2 IU/mL), then you are not pregnant. It sounds to me like your doc really has it together. I'll be around if you have any more ???'s. Baby dust to you!!!


Sarah - October 28

Bohnwin - I dont think I understand what you just explained, but I do have a question... I ovulated on cd19-20 this month and went for the prog. and preg. test on cd26. The dr. originally wanted me to wait until cd28, but because of my schedule I had to go earlier.. Would 6-7dpo be to soon to tell pregnancy.. I'm not sure what type of blood test she did, but the results only took a day and a half.. pls respond b/c I want to know if the results could have been accurate??



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