Please Help With Any Information About CMV Cytomegalovirus

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Lindsay - September 8

I went to the doctor for my 12 week checkup and the doctor told me I have the antibodies in my system for CMV(Cytomegalovirus). I got the hear the heartbeat and see an ultrasound and everything looked and sounded great. The doctor is sending me to neonatal doctor to make sure everything is ok. I researched a little online and it says that you should worry if you contract it while pregnant but I didn't. Has anyone heard of this, has this or has gone through this as well and wouldn't mind sharing their experience.... thanks


Lindsay - September 8

UPDATE I am posting again to give a slight update. I went to the doctor on 9-7-05 for an ultrasound and to speak with a specialist on this matter. I really don't feel like I got anywhere at this appointment as the doctor gave me 3 options. The doctor said I could (1) terminate the pregnancy but gave me no reason to and cannot tell me that there is anything wrong now and cannot give me how likely I am to have problems. (2) next option was to continue on with pregnancy by monitoring monthly with ultrasound and then (3) would be to have an amniocentesis and see if the baby is testing positive for CMV. Basically it was explained to me that there are 3 ways the baby can have problems. It has to be lined up so that I obtained the virus in my first 12 weeks of pregnancy, next the baby would have to have been infected. A mom can have the virus or could have obtained the virus and the baby not become infected. Third, if the baby is infected, it has to then become effected. Which means the baby canbe infected but not have any effects from the CMV virus. I wanted to post this information for anyone else out there going through this as we felt we were in the dark with the limited information we were getting. If there is anyone out there that has suffered this or has a child that has this or they had this while pregnant and the child had effects or did not, please post to this. My husband and I are trying to take this one day at a time and will see the doctor again on 10-7-05 (my birthday) in hopes that the doctor will be able to tell us more and if our baby will have problems or not. Feel free to email me at [email protected] with any info that you have...thanks in advance to everyone who reads and responds.... By the way, I am 14 weeks and 4 days


ca__sie - September 8

Lindsey. Thanks for the info. Where did the doctor say you could have gotten the virus? Do they test all pregnant women for it. I don;t think my doc checked for it. I am 15 weeks.


Ca__sie - September 9

Well the doctor said you can get it anywhere. It is pa__sed by bodily fluids saliva, urine, blood, feces and so forth. But you can share a cup with someone and get it. It is very common in day cares and schools where you have lots of little kids and they tend to just pa__s it around. The doctor did a TORCH screening and it came back that I have the antibodies. I would suggest every pregnant women demand this blood screening.


ca__sie - September 9

thank you so much for the info


Lindsay - September 9

Hey Ca__sie. I am glad to see someone posting on this. SO the doctor told you have the antibodies? I do as well. Have they told you what should be done? At this point I just have so many questions for my doctor at my next appointment. The doctor didn't really say where or when I got it but that I have the antibodies and we should continue to watch. Please tell me what your doctor is suggesting? I have already had 2 ultrasounds and it was great to see the baby but the doctor could not tell anything from the ultrasound. Please let me know what they told you that you should do? I would love to stay in touch to see how each other's progress goes. I will be 15 weeks tomorrow. From what the doctor said this is not a routine screening but that they do it if you work in day care's, in schools or around children a lot. I think every women should have this screening and demands answers about this "silent virus". Everyone should be made it aware and if I can jsut spread teh word to one person in hopes they can tell someone, I will feel like I have accomplished something.



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