PLease Share Syptoms 3 Tests All Negative But No AF

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AMS - October 27

Ok, I am 13 days late, heartburn, cramps, cm lotiony, headaches, tummy ache, but I dont know whats going on please share your symptoms and opinions, I have taken 3 tests all negative, would heartburn be one, I am going crazy!, I just wanna know , so period come or BFP come, but hurry I cant wait much longer! :)


bump - October 27



JL - October 28

AMS, I am also late, but only day 3 for me. I know what you are going through. I have done two tests, both negative, very frustrating. This is our second month of trying and I know how you feel. I seem to have symptoms - headaches, sore sides, creamy substance, sharp pains shooting down my legs, moody and tearful. I am forever running to the toilet because I think I have started - creamy cm! I haven't had heartburn?? How long have you been trying??


AMS - October 28

For a year and today suddenly all of them went away no symptoms I am scared


Jenni - October 28

Hi AMS. I have alot of the same symptoms!!! I'm 13 days late and have lotiony cm, sore b___sts, feel bloated, starting to get REALLY irritable, crampy, and getting pimples in weird places. I called planned parenthood today to see if they do blood testing. The woman said not at the location I called, but also explained to me that HPT's come out negative and can be incorrect or false negatives if you have had intercourse after you've missed your period. She advised me to wait 2 week until the last time I had intercourse, and then take a test. She said to obstain from s_x until then. You may want to try that. But honey...we're having the same issues!!! :)


AMS- to Jenni - October 28

Hey jenni, lets keep eachother posted!


To AMS - October 28

Sounds good. After I leave work, I'm going to get another HPT. I've heard the dollar store ones are really sensitive, so Monday morning, I'll post the results. I may also go to the Dr. Saturday to see if they'll do a blood test.


AMS - October 29

took one yesterday and neg, what the hell, i am so sad


JL - October 31

Hi AMS and Jenni, I am now 6 days late, had same symptoms as you and now done three tests, all negative. Jenni, thanks for the input about the HPT's, will wait a while to test again. I hope you guys don't mind if I join in? Nice to have someone to talk to. Keep me posted on your developments.


AMS - October 31

well still no af no syptoms either just stomache pain and pain in my right side


JL - November 1

H AMS and Jenni, how are you guys today?? Still no af, day 36 for me, only have sore sides and really tired, but I am always tired. Have you guys done anymore tests yet?? I did one yesterday morning, but negative. Will have to wait longer, but you girls are way ahead of me!


AMS - November 1

no, i have no symptoms, took anther test neg and my bf left me bc he found out that i want a baby, i am so sad


AMS - November 1

PLease help me what do i do, i know i need to go to the doc, but i dont have insurance, and planned parenthood has a wait. NOw my bf broke up with me and he thinks i am crazy, im not though, how am i supposed to get through this!


JL - November 2

Hi AMS, sorry to hear how you are doing and sorry about your bf. Give it some time, if it is meant to be, he will come back - babies stress guys out, even my husband it a bit stressed and he wants a baby!! Things will come right. I always believe that everything happens for a reason. You are now very late and I suggest you make a plan to see the doc, maybe your friends can help you out a bit?? Today I feel exhausted, headache and a bit queezy, but that could all be due to the stress?? Think I might test again, just in case!! Keep your chin up and keep in touch because we are here to chat to and help.


Lauren - November 2

I'm 10 days late and my doctor's office said to wait until a full 2 weeks after my missed period to test again. If still negative, then come in for a blood test. She said I could have ovulated late (which might mean it's too early for the hpt to pick it up), or I might not have ovulated at all. However, I know of two women that were pregnant and they took hpts throughout their entire pregnancy and they were always negative. The blood tests always showed up pos. though. Hope this give some encouragement.


LN - November 2

I had S_x after I missed my period. I got married on Oct 8, and was due around the 15th of Oct. We had S_x on the 20th of Oct and I have still not gotten my period. I don't know what this means. I took 4 tests and all neg. I may be testing too early??? This is all so tuff.


Jen - November 2

ok girls i am kind of in the same boat. the last af i had was 09-02-05 was normally a 28day girl like clock work. about the 20th of sept to now i have felt i could throw up at anytime, back hurts, tired, sore b___st. every thing and 4 neg preg tests. my husband and i have been actively trying to get pregnant since august. i went to the doctor today he is concerned it may be an ectopic pregnancy so he did a quant_tative blood test that will tell if i have any hCg in my at all...i am a little scared because i want so badly to be pregnant but not sure what the outcome will be....i will keep you posted..



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