Please Someone Info On Digital Test

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luvbb - October 23

Hi! I am desperate for an answer!!!! I took a clearblue digital last night and it plainly said pregnant! My husband is very skeptical of tests so thats why I baught digital! I finally convinced him I was pregnant if it said pregnant!!! Well, this morning I took a first response and it was very, very faint pos., I mean very faint!! So I took the other digital like 30mins later and it said not pregnant! I had just drank a cup of coffee and my urine may have been diluted, not to mention it wasn't concentrated, but what do you think this means!?! Am I pregnant or not! Please help I didn't tell him about the neg. test yet. I don't want to upset him yet if I still am(or ever was!) Please someone give me some imput!! Thanks!


. .... - October 23

I'm having the same problem I took a EPT digital and It was positive and then took one a day later and it was neg. I have a appointment an Monday for a blood test.


luvbb - October 23

keep us posted! Good luck!!


Amy - October 23

luvbb - if you got TWO positive tests (even if one was a faint positive) I would be really really suprised if you weren't pregnant!! Chances are you are very very early and the tests are just barely picking up HCG. They say its best to take the test the first urine of the day and if not that, to wait at least 2-3 hours without urinating to have the urine in your bladder as long as possible. So taking it after you had a cup of coffee a half hour later would probably effect that. In any case false positives are really, really rare. Try waiting until tomorrow morning and do it first thing, or even wait 2 days and do it again, that would be best probably. Good luck!!!


luvbb - October 23

thank u so much! I am so scared I'm not. I want this so bad!! Please say a prayer for me!!!! Thanks again for the advice, I guess all I can do is wait!!!!


Julie - October 23

luvbb- I am in the exact same situation. I got two positives with Clearblue Digital test,and then a bunch of negatives...and then a possibly faint positive on a Target test. I'm getting a blood test tomorrow, so we'll see...good luck to you! I'm going to be very ANGRY if I got TWO false positives with a digital test!


Julie - October 24

Update: I had a blood test today...I'll get the results tomorrow. I got a negative urine test in the docs office. She says that it is very unlikely that I'm pregnant...she also said that false positives happen all the time, even with digital tests. Grrrr. I HATE pregnancy tests, I really do! I could have handled not being pregnant, but I really resent having my emotions played with. It's been very upsetting.


luvbb - October 24

julie- i can't believe that! I hope that your blood test is positive!! Is your af late? I am only a day late as of today! Are you having any symptoms? My bbs hurt a lot! I am very tired and a bit of nausea, I don't know maybe I am maybe not!! It feels like af will come any sec. I do want to be so much but if not God has a better plan! Try to keep that in mind! But it is depressing to get false hope from pt's!! Good luck to you!!!!


Julie - October 25

Well, I got AF today...two weeks late! Really, I should sue Clearblue Easy for getting my hopes up. Actually, I'm a bit relieved to be off this emotional rollar coaster. Luvbb, I hope you get a BFP!


Amy - October 25

Sorry to hear that luvbb! I can't believe you got 2 positive HPTs and weren't pregnant! That's unbelievable. Good luck this month!


Becca D. - October 25

So Julie - did your docs office call? Was their serum test pos or neg?? It could have been an early miscarriage...also known as a chemical pregnancy. I've had one of those in between my other two pregnancies....Sorry to hear that though, it is upsetting when you weren't really expecting it, then you get that positive - it gives you time to get excited about the possibility. Luvbb - what about you?


Julie - October 25

Doc's office called...negative, as I suspected. Let's boycott Clearblue!


Julie - October 25

I don't think it was an early miscarriage, because all other tests were negative...First Response, Answer, Accuclear...


Becca D - October 25

Julie - I'm sorry - I know it is very very frustrating to have your emotions toyed with like that.


luvbb - October 25

still no af! And my symptoms are getting worse, nausea bad, sore bbs, I know my results were right now!! My af is NEVER late!!! So sorry again Julie! Maybe next month!!!! I'm still going to wait till next week to call doc.!!



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