Positive EPT Neg Dollar Tree And Qual Blood Test

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jcpilot - February 27

Hello all, I'm posting this for me and my wife. She's not very big into the whole internet forum thing, but I've found them to be a good source of info, so here goes. :-) My wife is a little bit over 2 weeks late. We've been putting off tests because she's somewhat irregular, and we usually wait until a few weeks have gone by to get excited. She took an E.P.T. test (the one with the + or - sign) on 2/25. Wanting to follow the instructions exactly, I started a stopwatch as soon as the control line appeared. Normally, we put the test out of sight until the time comes to check the results. After the 3 miuntes, it was neg. The box did say that the results were valid for 10 minutes, so we were going to wait until 10 minutes had passed, then check again. I forgot to keep watch of the time, and noticed when it said that 15 minutes had passed. We hurridly ran back to the test, and a very faint vertical line had appeared, giving us a +. We knew that it had been longer than the box said, but we still allowed ourselves to get excited. Now today she took a diffrerent test (a Dollar Tree one), and it was negative (and still neg 5 hours later). This broke our spirits somewhat, but she still went to the hospital and had a qualitive test done, which was also neg. We've been trying to get pregnant for over a year and a half now, using various forms of fertility methods (Clomid, basal temperature taking), and we did manage to get pregnant last May, but we miscarried at around 6-7 weeks. Needless to say, this has been a wild roller coaster ride, with lots more lows than highs. I guess we're trying to find some thread of hope to cling to. If she hasn't started in a week, we're going to go to her gynocologist and see about getting a quant_tive test done. Is this reasonable, or should we bypass the gyno and wait and see if she misses her next period before going to the doctor? Thanks for the help, and support.


Lala - February 28

sorry about all the difficulties--this can be so hard. They say false positives don't happen, but I've had 4! I'd say take another test in 2-3 days, as the hCG should double every 2 days if pregnant. The Doller Tree tests are great! best to you both!


AshleyB - February 28

Hi sorry for al the trouble you guys are having. ept tests that have the +/- signs are hard to read. I would get a digital one, or try a First Response Early test. That one detects the lowest amount of the pregnancy hormone. I've never liked the +/- ones, sometimes they look positive and it's like you can see that vertical no matter what. But I've had good luck with the $tree tests. You can go to peeonastick.com to see comparisons of different tests, they don't recommend the +/- ones either. Try to wait a few more days and try a different test. Good Luck, I hope you get your bfp!



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