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rebecca - October 5

my last period ended in the beginning of the second week of july. i suspected i was pregnant and took 3 target brand tests over the course of 2 days. they were all positive. faint but positive. i called the doc and scheduled a blood test for the next day. it came back negative. unconvinced i bought a pack of ept tests went home and tested that afternoon and the next morning. both positive. even my sister in law saw the line so i know i wasnt crazy. i was so confused and i went and bought a box of first response tests and took those over the next 3 days. all positive. i called the doctor back and a nurse told me that sometimes when your period is about to start you can get a positive pregnancy test. what a load of bs. she told me to wait 5 days. 5 days went by and i was still getting positive tests. i went in for a quantative blood test and my level was 5. i just dont understand how all those tests could have been positive. i took 8 tests. i took so many diffrent brands too so i could rule out the "well it was just a bad bunch"...that happened about 2 weeks ago. i still have no period. my br___ts have gone up a bra size...almost 2 so far. my nipples are huge and they hurt. i've never had sore nipples so i dont think it would be a period sign. i have food cravings, nausea, bloating, increased smell, tiredness. you name it i have it.


R - October 5

Congratulations! I would think you are pregnant too. Can you give it some time, see what your body does these next few weeks or go back in to the doctor for an ultrasound. Did the nurse suggest anyting like a molar or tubal?? I wouldn't rule out anything till you are sure. Best of luck I hope all works out for you.


rebecca - October 5

thanks so much. i'm looking into a second opinion. an u/s was not done because i go to a birthing center and they dont do ultrasounds there. i will be going somewhere where they do ultrasounds and i will ask for one. thank you for your reply though. it made me feel better. like i'm not totally crazy.


Ana - October 10

Any news Rebecca? Did your blood test come back positive this time? I am pretty sure I'm pregnant...but my blood test came back today at a count under 2 for hcg. I have had only negative urine tests though. Good luck. Can't wait to hear your response.


rebecca - October 10

actually i go to a diffrent doctor tomorrow. i will let you know what the results are. i'm hoping and maybe will ask them if i can have a ultrasound. just for peace of mind.


Ana - October 10

Are your temperatures high? Is your cervix soft? I had a neg. blood test too..but I'm not convinced. Please tell me....any new news?


rebecca - October 11

ana- i dont take temps but i went in for my "yearly appointment" and had told the doctor what was going on and she said that my cervix felt pregnant. it was soft.


denise - October 19

rebecca, what happened with your story?


rebecca - October 19

i got my levels rechecked and it came back as 2. so even lower than before. so i'm definately not pregnant. and now my period is finally here. i'm sorry to keep you all waiting for my results. i have been gone alot lately. anyway. they dont know why i had positive tests. i dont think i can ever take another pregnancy test. oh well. thanks for thinking of me



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