Positive HPT Amp Blood Tests But Nothing On Scan

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Troy - February 25

I have had 2 positive HPT and a positive blood test that said I was around 4-6weeks, then I had a tummy scan and they couldn't pick anything up on that scan so yesterday I went for a va___al scan and the gynae still could see nothing - now I have to wait till Tuesday to go for another va___al scan and then take things further from there. The gynae said the different options could be either a very small pregnancy or one that isn't developing inside the uterus or a pregnancy that isn't developing properly -please can someone help, I'm so confused, none of this is making sense!


Spring - February 25

It is possible not to be seen in u/s because it's too early to tell. Don't stress and don't take doc'ts opinion as final. Wait and go check again. I am in your waiting game as I checked my tummy with u/s and nothing there, but I will have to go in a week for a v____al one. I never had though a positive HPT in the time frame only after the time frame the fain line appeared *** Baby dust to us all ***


Troy - March 3

Ok so I went back to the gynae and had another v____al scan and still nothing!! (except what he said looks like a cyst) so he then sent me for another blood test as he said he supspected my levels would be down and the pregnancy was not develpoing anymore - blood test res___ts back and my levels are going up as in a normal pregnancy!! HELP!! My levels indicate I should be around 5-6 weeks - why can't he pick anything up in the scan, he admits to being concerned and tried to explain how he should be seeing "the sac" by now!!! For now his "diagnosis" is that either a) it's a very early pregnancy and might only show up next week (I've been going through all this for 2 weeks already!) b) it's an ectopic or tubular pregnancy c) it's a pregnancy that isn't develpoing preoperly and will spontaneously abort itself (which the last blood tests obviously proved wrong, as my BHCG levels are going up every week??!!) SOMEONE PLEASE HELP - I NEED A STRAIGHT ANSWER


Troy - March 9

Now it's after 4 blood tests and my hcg levels are still going up but definetly not as they should be - from 3800 to 4000 in one week and then on Friday I started bleeding lightly - quite a bright red/pink colour, it stopped completely on Saturday but was back with a vengeance since Monday -as heavy as my normal period and some clots......is this the expected miscarriage? how will I know?


Troy - March 11

Turned out it was a blighted ovum and I'm busy having an early miscarriage



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