Positive HPT And Negative Blood Test

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erin - December 1

I took two 1st Response tests, both with very faint lines. I went in for a beta hcg blood test and it came back as 0/negative. I am so confused!!! I am approx 9-11 post ovulation(supposedly)


amanda - September 6

Hi, I am sorry I cant answer exactly as I am going thru a similar situation, I have had 2 "pregnant" readings with clearblue digital and a positive test from a nurse and a weak positive from a #1 shop test, yet my blood hcg test which was done on the same day I got 2 positives came back neg - 0 hcg:( my gp asked me to take in a first morning urine sample tomorrow and have a scan the next day, but I think they left it too late, I think they should have scanned me last week when I first went to get my pregnancy confirmed, I think I may have had an early miscarriage as I did have spotting and light bleeding on and off for 5 days, I have been reading on a few websites that sometimes when a very early pregnancy ends hcg stops being produced in the blood but there can still be residual hcg in the urine, this would explain my situation, I hope u have better news, keep me posted and I will do the same, it's horrible being in this position I know, take care x


amanda - September 14

Hi amanda have u any updates yet? I took another hpt today and got another faint +ive, also had another quantative beta done and should get results thru fri I hope! Hope things have progressed for u, incidently if there is anyone else out there going or whos been thru thi splease let us know how u got on,x


ssb - September 17

I have been off depo since Dec '04, and just had first bleeding 8/25.It was light and brownish. Then, spotting a week later for 2 days. I have felt exhausted, constipated, HUNGRY, bloated, got acne on back, and developed bumps on b___sts. BUT, all hpt and 2 blood tests (done end of Aug.) have been negative. I just got 2 faint positives 2 days in a row from 1st response, and went for another blood test Fri. Will know results Mon. Feel like I'm going insane with all these symptoms, + tests, and docs say no pregnancy! Advice?!?


amanda - September 19

erin have u had any answers yet, hi ssb have u got ur results back yet from the blood test? believe me I know how frustrating it is, at the moment i am still getting pregannt and not pregnant readings from my clearblue digital tests, would be helpful to hear how u 2 get on as we are in the same boat, please update when u have some answers and I will do the same, take care x


Ana - October 7

Has this happened to anyone?


Aimee - October 7

Oh my gosh I'm going through something similair. I was on the IUD, and took to hpt both positive (faint). So I got a quant_tive blood test, and they said it was negetive and was 5. I thought to be negetive it would have to be 0? I am confused too, I have all of my normal symptoms...including major heartburn which I always get at the beginning.


ssb - October 8

Well, I finally found out that I am NOT pregnant. I went for another blood test, and even got an ultrasound since I knew SOMEthing had to be wrong. Everything came back OK, so I guess my hormones are still just regulating. I've decided to just relax, and take a break - it'll happen when it happens. GL!!



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