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shanana - June 3

kind of going through a weird thing here - my last period started on 5/15, last intercourse was 5/20... I've been on the pill for a few years now and have never messed it up. Until now. I took 2 months in a row to skip my period for an event I had to attend and when I got my period after that 2nd month it felt like it lasted forever. Anyway, 2 days after it was done I was with my bf and just didn't think anything of it. I forgot to start the pill the next day which was 2 weeks ago. Figured I'd start the following sunday. that was memorial day weekend and completely forgot again. I've just been feeling gross all week, headaches, dizzy, total change in appet_te, everything smells bad, can totally see my nipples through all my clothes which is not normal, but I didn't think anything of all of this until Thursday... coincidentally I had my annual exam on thursday and told my doc that I'd screwed up my pill and would start again this coming week, she said I had to wait until after my next period to start up again, but as I was on the pill because of irregular cycles she said to wait until it should come and if it doesn't to take a test and start the following sunday if it's negative. hearing that made me panic and I went right to the store, got the test and it was positive. took another, positive. called the doc got a blood test and that was negative. Could I be pregnant and it be too soon for the tests? 2 positive hpt's and 1 negative blood. I also have had brownish discharge, not much at all just when I wipe (gross I know) yesterday and a little today, which is completely not normal for me. Any thoughts???


tritty - June 3

what type of HPT did you use? How "positive" was it? was it very faint or was it obvious. if you take a digital test it will simply tell you "pregnant" or "not pregnant" it's that easy. there are two different types of blood test. a qualitative and a quant_tative. the second is much more accurate. you might want to check and see which they did and if it wasn't the second and you still feel that your pregnant you might want to have another test done!


georgia1 - June 3

Shan, we seem to be in the same boat. I had 3 positive HPTs today, but went in for a blood test and it was neg. I don't know what to think! My last period started on 5/8 and I had intercourse on 5/20. I don't know how long to wait to have another blood test done! I am curious if some of the HPTs are more sensitive than a blood test that just measures yes/no?


shanana - June 3

I took the digital hpts. As far as the blood test I think it had an L in it so the first. Do you think it's too soon to take the tests? Just a little anxious because of the 2 positive hpt's


shanana - June 3

georgia- it's so frustrating isn't it??? I was wondering the same thing. just so strange to have multiple positive hpt's at all, and then the blood test says no. so either clearblue easy digital is a piece of c___p or it's more sensitive than the yes/no blood test. This is all a first for me so I'm completely overwhelmed here.


misladyjane - June 3

not saying this is the case with you but i had a positive clear blue easy digital and was not pregnant it showed up right away too not even with first morning urine the 2 days before my period was due thought it was right till like 3 more digital and a couple dollar tree said bfn good luck though hope you get the answer ya want


misladyjane - June 3

by the way the brown spotting could also be from not taking your birth control and coming off the hormones in the pill


georgia1 - June 4

Now I am even more frustrated. I just woke up and took 2 more HPTs with first morning urine. First Response was pos, Clear Blue Easy +/- was negative; yesterday I used First Response, Clear Blue Easy and ClearBlue Digital and they all were positive. Now that I have one negative HPT, I am thinking I am not prego and all the tests are worthless. I'm going to try and not think about it (yeah right) until AF comes, which is due today.


Lala - June 5

Clear Blue digital (and their generics)have been having false positives. I had one about 6 months ago. Soo peeonastick.com and look under current issues/alerts. She talks about it there.


shanana - June 6

OK. glad to know about the digital problems... because they all came back positive. With that info, and the negative blood test I feel fairly confident that I am not pregnant. I still feel strange, and I am seeing my nurse pract_tioner on thursday to clear everything up. Thanks for everyone's support and info. you guys are the best



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