Positive Line Disappeared

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Kristen - May 5

I have been compulsively taking hcg home tests for almost 2 weeks now. The intercourse which led me to suspect I may be pregnant occurred on April 18th. On April 26th - 29th, I felt mild cramping and had brief, pink spotting (which I thought to be implantation bleeding). I took Answer hpt's on May 1, May 3, and May 5. Each time, I got a positive line at three minutes. Very faint, but slightly pink. But each time, the line faded away by ten minutes' time. The positive line was visible without straining, or holding it up to the light. In between these, I have gotten negative Answer tests. But, I even took digital pictures of the last + ones, in case they faded again. They were definitely there, although very faint. One rep at the hotline said it was +, but that I had used too much urine, and the result "washed away". The next time I called, another rep said that I might have "seen through" the test and seen the antibody strip (even though I think the lines I saw--especially on the last one--were pink!). I tested with a First Response and got a negative. Has anyone had an experience with Answer hpt positive lines "disappearing" after about ten minutes? Or, am I just seeing the antibody strips that get darker when wet??Thanks.


superbadchick - May 5

Lol..exact same situation. I took a F.R. last Monday, 1 day before period was due and it had a very faint positive that was confirmed by 2 other people & then disappeared. Then, tested 3 more times, (period now 9 days late) and all negative- even another First Response. I also had cramping for 3 days last week, but period has never come. I don't go to the doctor until the 13th, so sorry to say that I'm not sure of the outcome yet.


Liberty - May 6

Yep, I had the exact same situation, too. And if you go to www.peeonastick.com and go to the issues and alerts page, you'll find that lots more have had this problem. Some of the women have been actually pg and testing early, and some have not. I took 8 hpts (FRE and Answer Early, which are made by the same company) that gave me a disappearing line. And I too had other people confirm that there was a second line there. I went to the dr yesterday - he did a pelvic exam and said my uterus was fairly small, gave me a Rx for Provera to bring on the bleeding. So we will see if it works! Funny thing is, this is the EXACT same thing that happened when I was pg with my 4th baby. Except no disappearing hpt line. Just no period, dr said I wasn't ovulating, did pelvic exam, gave me Provera and come to find out 10 days later I was pg all along! I started taking the Provera today and I go back to the dr in a couple weeks. If I don't bleed with the Provera I will take another hpt but for now I am sick of spending money on them. Good luck to everyone else with this problem and please update us with your outcome!!


Kristen - May 6

It's official, I am NOT pregnant. I saw the bulletin listed at the website someone had suggested--thanks for the info. The Answer "disappearing positives" I had truly were false positives--faulty tests. Hmmm... Somehow, I am not surprised. Turns out I am neither pregnant, crazy, nor vision-impaired, after all. Ok, well, at least not pregnant or vision impaired... Tee hee. Good luck to all, and I hope you all get what you wish for!


superbadchick - May 6

Sorry to hear about that Liberty. I still won't find out what's going on until next Friday.


colleen - May 6

yes!!! go to peeonastick.com. You'll find interesting info on these disappearing test lines. it happened to me, and they went away after 6 minutes. One stayed for most of the day then went away. The rep told me it was +, but at the website only 1 out of 30 women who reported this was actually pregnant!



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