Positive Or Negative Please Answer

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Dee - April 29

I have tried asking this a couple times but no one answers. I took a PT this AM (EPT with the +/- signs result windows. I got a bold line in both windows, and about 10-15 min later got a light blue line crossing over the bold one in the + window. My question is, did I wait too long to read the result? I'm going to take another to be sure but I am just curious if that line was an evaporation line or what. I'm already taking prenatal vitamins to make sure I am healthy when I do get pregnant (if I'm not already.)


Kate - April 29

I would take anothero ne right now to see if u have one handy.


Dee - April 29

I'm at work right now so I am going to go buy more on my lunch break.


Dee - April 29

Why won't anyone answer my questions?


Dee - April 29

It's these kind of mood swings that are really making me wonder. I thought I was just having PMS but I was expecting af on last sunday. And my mood swings are so bad my bf actually asked me last night if I hated him or something. I said I think its just PMS but he said it's never been this bad. And I agree. I just hope someone can answer my ?s


Faith - April 29

It sounds like it's positive to me. When you test again and get another faint positive I think Congratulations are in order. you can search the website for things like pregnancy test results and they actually show pictures of different positive test. It might help you to compare.


colleen - May 1

do not, I repeat, do not read the test after 10 minutes! The line you are seeing is called an evaporation line and it will appear on this type of test from the blue dye running into where a + line would be. Go to peeonastick.com and they did a little experiment on ept, clear blue easy and fact plus +/- tests, very interesting.


chihiro l kobayashi - July 6

i don't no but i have the questoin what do the (+) positive ang (-) negative signs in your blood called


ki - July 11

My test today showed a very faint light blue line marking postive, took a test last week and it was negative....what do you thinK?



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