Positive Test Than Period

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Raiin - July 15

I had s_x on June 19th, and my period on June 3rd. Well I hadn't gotten my period so I decided to take a test on Wednesday, it came out positive. At that time my period was about a week and a half late, so I highly doubt it could have been false. Well yesterday I got to work and noticed I was bleeding, it wasn't a while lost, but definetaly more than spotting. I decided it might be normal so I just shrugged it but made sure to keep an eye on it. Well it got heavier, and now I am cramping pretty heavily, like a normal period, have heavy, bright red, period-like bleeding. It is like a normal period, there are clots and all. What are the chances of the test being false? I would guess none. My guess is I am miscarrying it, but I wanted some other advice, because this would have been my first pregnancy, and I would be 7 weeks today. =(


kellywall - July 15

I would say that you are probably m/c but I think you need to get to the doc right away. I m/c naturally in early june. They will probably need to do an u/s to make sure that you pa__sed everything. I have read that you can get a falso neg but doc told me that test don't ususally give you a false positive. (although I'm not an expert...some other ladies would know better then me)With a/f beiing over a week late...I do believe that you are/were p/g. Go to the doc is your best bet. Good luck.


apr - July 19

I'd definetely say you're miscarrying! I had that twice! Positive tests and a few days later I started bleeding and later on it became heavy, cramping and loads of clots. I'd go to a doctor if I were you.


Faye84 - July 24

Hello Raiin. if It was just like a normal period that might be just what it was. But that doesnt explain the positive on the results. There are two things I can only think of. 1. you have an ovarian cyst and it made the test positive. 2. it was in fact a miscarriage. If it were a miscarriage though it would be much more painful and there would be way more blood than normal. Kinda of like a thick goopy amount of blood ( sorr y if that was TMI) The cramps would be almost unbearable. But in any case I would go and see the doctor because if it was a miscarraige they are going to want to make sure that everything flushed out. and if it wasnt a miscarraige they will have to figure out what made the test positive. In any good luck and if it was a miscarriage im sorry for your loss...


Faye84 - July 24

Oh and to claify the whole ovarian cyst thing, the hormane that the cyst lets off can make your pregnancy test a fake positive.



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