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Buttercup - May 3

hi ladies, i have been on the pill for 3 years now and wondering if anyone here has gotten pregnant while on the pill?? I am suppose to start aunty flow within this week, but feel wierd, have had alot of heartburn, alil nausea and i dont know if it is possible...hmm...maybe its in my head, we are not trying for a baby but we do have unprotected s_x, so the possiblity i guess is there...PLEASE SHARE YOUR STORYS LADIES!!...thank you


Bluemonster - May 3

I started taking the pill when I was 16 to regulate my very heavy, painful periods and was very good about taking them. Rarely, if ever, missed a pill. Six years later, only one year after my husband and I were married, we found out we were pregnant. After my daughter was born, I got my period when she was two months old, even though I was b___stfeeding exclusively. I was then taking the b___stfeeding birth control pill. When my daughter was seven months old, I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter. Again I got my period by the time she was two months old and my OB/gyn put me back on Orthocyclen rather than the b___stfeeding pill because he believed I needed something stronger. My daughter is now 8 1/2 months old and I am waiting to find out if I am pregnant again. Also, my sister got pregnant with her son while taking birth control pills. So it's definitely possible to get pregnant while taking birth control pills. That's why the info on the packets say they are only 99% (or less) effective. And by the way, heartburn was my first symptom with my girls, I never got it before I was pregnant. Keep me posted though!


Buttercup - May 3

thank you so much for responding...that helps...hope to hear from more ladies...and kept me post on you too...thanks again :)


Buttercup - May 8

anymore stories?


zoelouise - May 9

I was on the combined pill when i became pregnant with my first child in 1996 in 2000 i was on the mini oill again became pregnant.. And i never missed a pill xxxx



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