Possible Bfn On Hpt S When Really 8 Weeks Pg

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Jenice - April 12

ok, so i know that i can take an hpt when i've first missed my period, and that they are usually 99% accurate. (at least in lab testing they are...makes me wonder who they're testing??!) :) anyways, what i'm wondering is this; is it possible for someone to be 8 weeks pg and still receive a bfn on a urine test?? (i don't want to know if there's a 1 in a million chance of that happening, i want to know if there are some real women out there who have found out they are pg after missing more than 2 periods and only getting negative results. (i'm sorry if this doesn't really make sense, my mind is all over the place today!)


B - April 12



LA - April 12

when i was preggo with my daughter, i was 6 weeks before i got a positive reading. my sister was 4 months preggo with her son before she did so yes, it can happen. hope this helps


rochelle - April 12

yes this can happen b/c i just found out i was pregnant last wednesday and my lmp was 01/16/05 however i do have pcos and have irregular periods and sometimes go 3 or 4 months with no period but this time i missed my period in feb and march and was not trying to get pregnant and the only reason i took hpt's it b/c i was having pregnancy signs. I took like a total of 8 sensitive hpt's from late feb through march and they were all negative and then i also had 1 urine test and the doc's and pelvic exam in ealry march and she said i was not pregnant and the test was negative so they decided to run blood tests for pcos and i knew i had pcos b/c my mother and sister have it and since i was 13 i have had irregular periods, now i am 24. I went back to the same doc last wednesday april 6 for the tests results and just confirmed that i had pcos. So she was goning to give me provera and birth control pills but she wanted to do another urine test just to make sure becuase its routine to take a pregnancy test before they give you provera and the doc came back and siad it was positve, then she did another pelvic exam and siad i was already 2 months if not three. i have an u/s for this thursday to find out how far i am, so believe you body and its signs....i did not have morning sickness, i just had a lot of cm, blue veins everywhere stomach, b___sts, hands, legs and arms. i had some off and on cramps like my period was going to come and not to recently i have sore b___sts and nipples. good luck


Borky28 - October 16

Hi all, 
I have skipped 2 periods now (last one on 17th August 2015). Two years ago I've been diagnosed with PCOS. My cycles vary between 26-30 days. I did have a long cycle of 60 days in January 2014, where I was not pregnant, but assumed I didn't not ovulate till very late (been on 3 weeks holidays in Egypt that time, so I guess it's normal to skip period during holiday). 

I noticed several pregnancy symptoms, such as nipple itching, thrush, acne, insomnia, bleeding gums, horrible indigestion and heartburn (never suffered from that before), yellow tinted CM (lots of it), gas. I also crave fish. 

I've done several tests at home, Internet cheapie ones, all negative. Going to private clinic on Monday to get early pregnancy scan - it only costs £39, so not so expensive. 

I saw plenty of posts of women not getting their BFP until cd 80 and even 100, but all these posts were old. Thought there may be someone out there stuck like me and looking for some support.



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