Possible To Get Pregnant With Tubaligation

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Michelle - March 22

I'm over 10 days late, negative preg. test, tubes tied for 10 years... Is it possible to become pregnant? Anyone with info would be a blessing...


NicoleGirl - March 22

I'm in about the same boat as you are. I had my tubal in '97. AF was due 3/14, and started out with a big fat blood clot. I bled for about 24-30 hours, then pretty much stopped altogether. Now I have a very FAINT pinkish discharge sometimes. I wouldn't even know it was there if I weren't looking for it. I'm afraid of an ectopic pregnancy. I took an hpt last friday and on sunday morning. Both were neg. I don't get a lot of rea__surance with that because I have 4 neg htp's when I was pg with my daughter. Does anyone know if what I describes sounds like a reg pregnancy, or an EP? I have had NO pain at all.


Maryland - March 31

I wish someone could answer this question: can you get pregnant with tubaligation? am having early signs of pregnancy ie fatigue, tender b___st, vision differences. I have called my doctor; I am going in for my annual pap smear etc. So maybe I can get this answered.


michelle - April 4

Has either of you gotten your period or any explaination for what is happening or have you had a positive blood test since last here I am in the same boat late 14 days early symptoms and tubal in 98


Leta - April 4

I've been there. I had my tubes tied in 2001 after my third baby . However, two years later I began having symptoms of pregnancy. Because of the uniqueness of an ectopic pregnancy, no home test could pick it up. Even a routine ultrasound at the doctor's office . The emergency room three months later did pick it up and I had to have emergency surgery. Everything is okay now, but trust me, know your body ! Even at the emergency room when I was so sick they thought it was an appendicitis until I remembered all of those doctor visits and I said in the midst of my pain I could be pregnant and they gave me a blood test and an ultrasound with a more high tech machine and I was pregnant but in the tube.


AnGeL - April 5

K I just posted a message very confused I have had miscarriages and had my tubes tied, the doctor after arguing that I was imagining things till I brought him proof then his tune changed and sent me for an us the tech told me that my tubes looked like they were healing themselves. Go figure they don't tell you that, that can happen now do they. I hope to hear form some one just like you, sitting scared and feeling alone telling people you swear you are preganat and have no positive to show for it makes things basically confusing and hard to deal with. What makes it worse is the teasing and the heart ache each mc causes, and doctors that want $4000 dollars to fix you.


Michelle - April 5

Here I sit still waiting now 16 days late still feeling pg but hpt still say neg which doesnt really suprise me I have 3 children and only ever got one test to tell was pg. Called OBGYN and they told me that my tubes were tied and segment was removed but still I feel like I know my body and things dont add up. We are waiting till next week when I am due for another period and if not here then heading to doctor. Some please let me know if this has happened to them


AnGeL - April 5

With my tubal they cut pieces out also, the "new" thing at the time 2 years ago, well it took about one year for those ends to find each other and start repairing themselves. I had an U/S and there was no gap between them anymore and the tech said that your body has more regenative power than you would like to think. But until they have healed enough to carry full term I have been d__ned to miscarriages. Unless I can come up with 4000 dollars for them to cut me open and speed up the fixing process. It is completely possible to get preg after a tubal but your doctor won't be so eager to admit that to you, unless they have no choice. I really hope that everybody on here gets the answers that they need.


mtwyldwunz - April 5

AnGeL thank you for your help I guess I will wait until next week and see if my next period starts if not then off to doctor I go. If anyone else has had this experience please do share.


Hanna - April 15

I guess you could say i'm in the same boat as all of you. I had a tubal 2yrs ago after my son was born. Now I am almost a month late for my period and going out of my mind to know one way or another.Sometimes I wonder if itsjust all in my head. I had a pregnancy test done at the hospital but it came back neg.so i guess my next step is a blood test.


pamandmike - April 17

I have been in a similar situation. I could of swore I was pregnant in December. I had all the symptoms and I too had a tubal ligation about 9 yrs ago. Unfortunately AF came .I am considering a tubal reversal.


AnGeL - April 17

Well I was pregnant I know I was and after all is said and done I just went through a long week of severe bleeding and cramps and on an extreme emotional rollercoaster. I just wish that the doctors would listen more past the tubal ligation, that they feel is so fool proof. I have personally had nothing but awful trouble with mine. It is harder to keep loosing babies than to accept never having another baby. It gives you the hope and takes it away just as soon. I made an appointment with a really good obgyn that comes highly recommended in teh area until then... I wait. It is nice to know I am not the only one waiting for answers though. Chins up and smiles on :)


amcweb - April 21

I'm in a similar situation. I had a tubal many years ago. Now I am convinced I'm pregnant. Had a faint positive line on a test earlier in the week then negative this morning. Many preg symptoms plus a belly that is in front only and not fatty. Not sure if I should call the doc now or wait and see what happens. Had a very odd period last mo and had one incident of light spotting after s_x. Hopefully the doc will take me seriously. They don't believe in the possibility of preganancy after tubal even though 7 in 1000 get pregnant, 60% many years later.


PamM - April 26

Yes it's possible. I come from a weird family medically, but my maternal aunt had two kids 11 months apart. After her second she got her tubes tied. 4 years later she got pregnant with her third. MInd you this is after the mayo clinic told her at age 18 (before her 1st) that she would never have a child due to an injury with her spleen at age 14. I think God finds a way no matter what science decides.


amcweb - April 27

I just had a series of tests run at the doctor's and found out that I had a "chemical pregnancy". Basically an early miscarriage. I found out that there is an influx of people who had a tubal 10 years ago getting pregnant right now. The doc said that they will do an ultrasound today to determine just how much healing has happened but that I should really consider birth control options at this point since I could get pregnant at any time.


torbman - May 1

I think your right Pam, about God finding a way. My husband has had a vasectomy, yet here I am 27 weeks pregnant with a boy. I have two girls 11 and 8.


karina - May 2

Torbman...what kind of tests did you have and when? How did you finally find out?



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