Possitive Pregnancy Test Right After Miscarriage

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Suzie - February 27

Right before my miscarrige my levels were only at 159. i miscarried about 3 weeks ago and just got a positive hpt??? does it really take more than 3 weeks for my levels to go from 159 to 0? and could this positive hpt still be from miscarriage or could this be a new pregnancy?? doc said we didnt have to wait for af to try again so we didnt! i went in yesterday for another blood test but i dont get the results till monday and the wait is killing me!


Suzie - February 27



Gibbler - February 28

I miscarried my frist child when i was 6 weeks pregnant. That was April 9th 2001. I got pregnant right away and did experience what you are experiencing, I didnt know if i was pregnant again or if the levels were still in my urine. But I was pregnant again, and we had our Daughter on Jan 22, 2002. Then we had our son on November 24th 2003, and we are due with our third one approximately october 27th 2005, so there is hope that you are indeed pregnant again, and you can have a very successful pregnancy after a miscarriage. So chin up and hope for the best,


Suzie - March 1

well, the nurse called and said that my level is at 20..that still doest tell me if its from miscarriage or if its a new pregnancy....so, i have to have another blood test on friday..more waitting!!!!


sophie - March 8

Suzie I hope it's good news 4u, would u let us know how u get on? As I too miscarried 4 weeks ago and have had a positive pregnancy test, but hospital urine test was negative, My gp hasn't sugested checking blood hcg levels which seems to be done in most cases I have read about, so I am supposed to wait another week and get hospital to retest, I would be grateful to find out how u get on suzie, fingers crossed 4u x


mj - June 24

Im not sure but did you get your results and are u pregnant because im in the same boat?


Linda - July 6

I had that, too. The wait was horrible! But it is indeed possible! But I am now 7 weeks along with a baby I concieved right after my miscarriage (I had s_x just 2 days after my miscarriage bleeding stopped). Hopefully this will help.


Mica - July 6

I am not sure, but 3 weeks does sound like a while to still have hCG from your last pregnancy. Why don't you call the doc who ordered the blood test and find out? How many dpo are you? I would think (not know for sure) that your hCG would be from a new pregnancy if you are only 10-20dpo. Get another blood test in 2 days from the other. If you are pregnant it will increase and probably at least doubeled. If it is residual from your last pregnancy, it will have decreased. Let us know please. best to you!


Mica - July 7

Suzie, and news?? Are you going to get another blood test tomarrow? I really think thats going to be the best way to get your answer. best to you!


OMG that's what I'm going .. - August 2

through! I had a m/c on June 29, 18 dpo. At 16 dpo my HCG level was only 12! They wouldn't let me come back in for another HCG test to see if my levels went to zero. But I think with them being so low...they probably did. I think I O'd between July 15-17th...which would mean I do not have left over HCG! And I got a + HPT a few days ago...but it was very faint. For 3 days I tested and each one was the exact same color. Well I took my last one on July 29th and then I took one yesterday (NOT fmu) and got a darker BFP! It's not real dark...but daker than the last one. So I'm trying to figure out if I'm really pregnant again or if I have left over HCG in my system. My temps show that I've O'd...and I cannot imagine that I could have a biphasic chart and not O. I have another Beta HCG test on Thursday but am DIEING for info. THANK YOU and BEST WISHES to you ALL!


Kate - August 5

I am going through the same deal. I feel pg again and am trying to figure out on my own whether I still have HCG in my system. The last beta was 18 and that was 1.5 weeks ago. So here is what I am trying to do: I looked up the levels of detection on different HPT's and am only using the one's that detect higher levels, like 50+. I would only be 3 weeks along at this point, so I have to wait a few more days. My question is, can they ever detect lower than they say???? I called the doc and they won't let me come in until next week...UGHH. Also, please keep us updated on your's. I hope that it is good news for you.



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