Postive Home Preg Tests But Neg Doc Test

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Vira - November 24

I've done about 6 home pregnancy tests, all of which came back positive (I know I'm phycho), I went to the doctor today, just to get a doctors confirmation, and his test came back negative! Which do I believe? He says his tests are very sensitive, but so many positive at home? And it wasn't like I was waiting 10 minutes to read the results, I was reading them as soon as the time was up! It was a faint line, but still a line none the less... anyone have the same problem? Which do I believe?


me too - November 24

I've had this happen. I had 2 hpt with positives, and the blood test the next day was negative. I was not pregnant (or maybe a chemical pregnancy). Was your doctor test a urine test? Ask for a blood test (quantative = how much hCG). Did you try different brand hpt's? My 2 positives were the same brand, and a different brand said negative. It's likely that you're pregnant. False positives are rare (but do happen as I know). It's not fair the mind games this all plays on us!!!!!!!!


Vira - November 24

The doctor I saw (walk in clinic) did a urine test, but he did give me a requisition for a blood test when the result was neg, so I will go and get this done if my period does not come in a week. The tests that I took were from 3 different brands! Clearblue easy, First Results and a no-name brand. Its all so confusing. I was on the phone with my mother and I said, you know, if I was really trying, I'd be absolutely devestated!! I totally thought I was pregnant. My husband was so excited. I found it hard to hear the disapointment in his voice when I told him that the doctor said I was negative. Oh well, guess we just have to wait and see, this is so frustrating though. Weird, I totally feel like I'm pregnant, but at the same time, I feel like I'm getting my period. I remember feeling that way with both my girls when I was first pregnant with them... but what do I believe?? who the heck knows. Thanks so much for your answer though!!


toni - November 27

It's a confusing thing isn't it? I have totally been there. I was certain I was pregnant...a woman knows her body. I went to the doc, he took the blood, he called and said it was negative, after I had a hpt in my hands that was clearly a postive result. I scratched my head, and went on about my daily routine for another week or two, then I was rushed to the hospital with abdominal pains, thinking the worse of all things...doc came in, I explained the symptoms, and told him the results of both pregnancy tests. He did an ultra sound to check everything out, including my appendix, my appendix was fine, but my uterous was having to the new tenants who were invading..Doc told me congrats momma, you are going to have twins....they are in kinder now...:)


Patti - November 27

Wait a few days or so and test again. If still bfp get a blood test. If that's neg, get another. Whatever you do, don't let the Dr. talk you into taking meds to start af. My sister had a hpt bfp and neg blood test. She refused to take the meds to start af and did another blood test a week later, it was positive. My niece is now 18. Trust your instinct. If my sister would've take the meds, she would have aborted my niece. If you have to, switch doctors.


nnclyn - November 27

Yes, pregnancy test kits are very sensitive. If you use them too early in your cycle you might be picking up a chemical pregnancy or a preganancy that did not continue to develop. False positives are not rare if you are taking the test too soon...sadly enough. Hang in there. And in using pregnancy tests, try and hold out for as long as you can. The day of your missed AF is your best bet in starting to take them Nancy


Vira - November 28

Thanks everyone for your responses. I went today for blood work, so I should know for sure very soon. I still have not gotten my period. The doc who took my blood today gave me a phone number to call tonight and hopefully they'll give me my results. I'd just like to know either way. If I'm not, that's totally okay, I'd just like to know so I can go on with my life right now... let me tell you, I'd certainly like to sit back with a beer after the week I had last week... LOL Thanks again. Its nice to see that there's other people in the same boat as me.


me too - November 28

Vira, have you gotten results? This is very difficult isn't it? I bet you're pregant! Let us know!


Vira - November 29

I should find out today some time. I called the lab last night but they wouldn't give me the results, only my doc office. So I called there to have them call, and when I called back she told me that they hadn't done the test yet, so they still didn't know, and to try back this evening. Its been hard not to go and buy another preg test, but I figure that the blood test should tell me for sure yes or no. I'm well over a week late now. Now not even feeling like my period is coming... at least not so far today. by the way... what does bfn and bfp and all those other little abreviations you all use mean... I'm clueless Thanks!


Vira - November 29

Well I finally got the results... I'm pregnant!! I figure I'm aprox. 6 weeks. Anyhow, I'm happy!



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